Thinking About Sandy and Katrina Survival Modes

Russ Steele

Katrina was a August hurricane in the southern part of the US where the weather was quite warm before and after the hurricane. One of the big challenges for those that survived without power was to stay cool.

Sandy on the other hand was a winter hurricane in the norther part of the country, where cool fall weather is quite common. The challenge for the survivors will be to stay warm.

Below is the Unisys GFSX model forecast for the next 48 hours on the 5th.  By Wednesday the 7th it will be even colder, with winds from the north. By Sunday the 11th it is colder yet. It does not start warming until Monday the 12th.  This is going to be real challenge for those without heat and light.

The 1000 mb chart also shows near surface weather conditions. The parameters plotted are 1000 mb temperature in Celsius (in color contours), convergence (black lines, interval=2, shaded > 0), 1000 mb dewpoints in Celsius (colored lines, interval=5, bold orange=20, bold white=15, bold red=0, bold magenta=-15, bold gray=-30) and winds plotted as vectors.

On Thursday the 5th the rain starts with some snow in the higher elevations..

The sea level pressure and precipitation forecast chart includes three parameters: sea level pressure (cyan lines), 1000-500 mb thickness (brown dotted lines, 5100, 5400, 5700 solid lines) and quantitative precipitation (color contours).

If your would like to do your own analysis you can go here:

Life in New York, New Jersey and surrounding region is going to be quite difficult for the survivors, unless the power and lights get turned on real soon now!

ERC Board Meeting Insights

Russ Steele

I attended the ERC Board Meeting this morning have some short notes to share:

  • The ERC Board is looking for a person to serve as Executive Director. Interested persons should send resume to Or, mail resume to Nevada County ERC, 149 Crown Point Court, Suite A, Grass Valley, CA 95949.
  • Brent Smith gave a presentation on the regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy. He is looking for input to the CEDS, to include projects that will result in economic development and more jobs in Nevada County from 2012 to 2017.  Due date for submissions is third week of November. See SEDCorp Web Site for more details or call 530-823-4703.
  • There was a discussion of the impact that Prop 30 would have on schools. The part of Prop 30 taxes allocated to the schools is less than 40% and will only be used to maintain the status quo, no improvements in the current infrastructure or staff.  I was very disappointed in the answers to a question by the schools representatives in the room. When asked what the relationship was between staff and teacher ratio not one representative could provide a direct answer. Either they did not know, it was an embarrassing answer.  It is a question that needs to be answered. Where will the cuts from come when Prop 30 goes down to defeat? Cut Student services or Cut Administration Staff?
  • Robert Trent, Sierra Commons, announced the return of Tech Talks at the Business Ignitor, and the first Nevada County Hackathon on 1-2 December. Tech Talk details can be found on the web site HERE. and the Hackathon HERE.  If have found the Tech Talks most interesting, especially the questions from the audience and the ensuing discussion.

Firth’s Dog Whistle for No Growth – “Grass Valley needs to grow responsibly.”

Russ Steele

Grass Valley is in economic trouble, which in my opinion is from the lack of development that would attract more business to the community, including some of the name brand stores that people are driving to Auburn and Roseville to shop in. This leakage is forcing Grass Valley to raise taxes.

Jim Firth who claims that “Grass Valley needs to grow responsibly” is running for a seat on the Grass Valley City Council. We have heard this “grow responsibly” manta before, especially from the sustainable growth, Agenda 21, lefties that are now supporting Firth.  Look at where  Grass Valley today is today economically — no growth and no tax revenue.  This is not what Grass Valley needs, but that is Mr Firth’s no-development record:

Jim Firth Opposes Development of Proposed Giants Stadium in 1989,357262

Jim Firth Opposes Development of AT&T Ballpark in 1996

Jim Firth Opposes $400 Million Development in San Francisco

Voters in Grass Valley have a choice. More taxes and no growth or more growth and more tax revenue.  They should choose wisely.

Sale Taxes and Leakage

Russ Steele

The other day I saw a Measure L sign and did not know what it was about. On investigation is it for a sales tax increase in Nevada City that gets dumped into the general fund. I knew that Grass Valley was having a measure N to increase sales tax in the city to produce more general fund revenue.  There was a brief mention of sales taxes by the Board members representing the cities at the last ERC Board meeting, but no discussion of the economic impact and the potential leakage of sales to Placer and Yuba County.

The only mention of leakage was in response to a question posed to Dave Schmall the Union Publisher, about the papers coverage of South County. He responded that The Union would be increase South County coverage in the hope of luring more people to come up the hill to shop rather than going to Auburn.

In retrospect, I am surprised that the ERC Board was not more interested in the economic impact that increases sales taxes might have on the growing business leakage to Placer County, as more people are shopping in the “big box” stores in North Auburn.  Target is just finishing up a major upgrade to come a Super Target — one stop shopping for anything a family could need.  This is in competition with  WalMart which will some become a reality in Auburn.

I have serious doubts that the real money difference between the increased sale tax will make much of a difference to most people’s shopping habits. Most shoppers are more interested in the increased selection in the big box stores, more quality and pricing options to find the right product quality at the right price.

There is more online shopping now than every before.  In the retail industry, 16% of search queries come from mobile web usage. It was only 10% in 2011. Even with Amazon now collecting the CA sales tax, the prices are much lower than at local stores. And, with the price of gas who is willing to drive around looking for just the right product and the right prices, when it can be found on line, and delivered to the door the next day?

Our insurance company, USAA, now has an online shopping mall called Member Shop with reduced prices and in some cases free shipping for members. The stores in the mall include many of the big box stores that are now going on line to compete with Amazon, who keeps expanding the selection options.

The real solution to the brick and mortar leakage is to have our own “big box” stores in Nevada County. If we could stop the leakage and started collecting those tax dollars locally, the cities may not need a tax increase.

I am assuming they will soon be getting revenue check from the state for the Amazon collected sales taxes.

Agenda 21 Comes a Creeping (Update)

Chuck Shea writes:

Just a quick note to let you know that the Supervisors elected to withdraw the MOA after the strong attendance we had stand and speak at the BOS today.

It was a good presentation and after the Supervisors agreed that the MOA was not in the best interests of the People of Nevada County.. 

To all of you that attended….. THANKS!!!!!

Proof that “we the people” can control our destiny when we are willing to stand up and be heard!

Russ Steele

If the citizens of the United States really read Agenda 21, they would say it could never happen an a free county like America. We would not be willing to give up our freedom to a collective, to regional organizations, to non-government organizations that are not accountable to our elected leaders.

Most Agenda 21 promoters recognize this very fact, thus they hide the agenda in little changes, incremental adjustments to our laws and create non-government agencies to implement those changes with MOAs.

Some day historians will sifting through the ashes of what was once the Free West and wonder why did these free people give up their freedom to Agenda 21 organizations. Organizations that our lefty friends claimed were never there. Agenda 21 is not there is flaming red colors, it is hidden in MOAs like the one under consideration by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, the 9th of October.

George Rebane writing at Rumination’s has more details in  Agenda21 – Exhibit A on display locally

If your are at all concerned about loosing your freedom to some NGO like the Sierra Business Council, or one of the environmental wacko organizations that populate Nevada City, you better show up at the Board of Supervisors meeting and let your voices be heard.

We need more citizen in put on this issue before the Board of Supervisors signs away our access to the National Forests.

The new Forest Management Plan has a component called  “Restoration.”  Restoration will ban all access to the designated areas and armed Forest Rangers can arrest you and put you in jail if you enter an area marked for restoration.  No not the County jail, the Federal Jail.

Until the BOS sign away your freedom the County Sheriff would have some jurisdiction   We elect our Sheriff and have some influence. Under the MOA he could lose our voting leverage, our freedom of access would be relinquished to a non-elected bureaucrat who only answers to some unelected regional council.

That is how Agenda 21 works. Incremental dismemberment of our freedoms and allocating them to some some NGO controlled collective with a staff trained by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability . If that is what you want stay from the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday and you will get your wish. 

More Economic Trouble in the Valley – Atwater Going Belly Up

Russ Steele

We used to live in the sleepy town of Atwater when stationed at Castle AFB in the late 1960s. We lived next to the watermelon fields and after the harvest was over we would collect the melons left behind.  Ripe watermelon right of the field was the best ever. Agriculture and the Air Force base were the primary economic engines, now the base is gone  and Atwater must depend on agriculture.

The small agricultural town of Atwater, Calif., has declared a fiscal emergency, as it seeks to avoid becoming the fourth municipality in the state this year to file for bankruptcy protection.

Located about 100 miles east of San Francisco, Atwater is grappling with a $3 million budget deficit, declining city revenues and cost overruns for a new wastewater treatment plant.

The town on Wednesday declared the emergency, which under state law allows it to restructure union contracts, including imposing salary reductions and benefit cuts without negotiations. “We’re working hard to balance the budget and avoid bankruptcy,” said Joan Faul, Atwater’s mayor.

You can read the full article HERE. Walter Russell Mead concludes:

How many more California cities will follow Atwater? As David Kotok, chief investment officer at Cumberland Advisors, told Bloomberg: “In California, we have a disease, and the disease is spreading. . . . I suspect we’re going to see wholesale warnings and downgrades.”

Our small downs are asking for more taxes, rather can cut spending. With a plethora of tax measures in the ballot, voter with their own economic troubles will most likely reject them all.  Then what?

The Union is in the Cloud

Russ Steele

As I often do, I observed the ERC Board Meeting this morning. The guest speaker was Dave Schmall The Union Publisher, who gave an insightful review the changes at The Union over the last 90 days. They are going digital and The Union is in the Cloud. All 26 of the Swift newspapers are in the Cloud, and are now capable of sharing stories and information.  According to Schmall, the staff has been in training for 1/2 a day, everyday for the last two weeks, on how to use this new Cloud Computing tool.

What is  Cloud Computing you ask?   There’s a good chance you’ve already used some form of cloud computing if you have an e-mail account form Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or Gmail.  Your mail is stored in the cloud and accessed over the Internet.  The e-mail application is running on a remote server farm some where in the world, depending on which e-mail service you are using. The e-mail software is not on your computer but in the cloud.

In cloud computing the software tool are not on local computer, but on huge farms servers running virtual processors over a broadband network.  The desk top computers, laptops and smart phones are just your interface to the virtual servers and the storage devices. The critical link is the broadband network. The Internet allows users to access the Cloud resource from any where their is a network connection.

Cloud computing is highly dependent on broadband networks.  We do not have the most reliable broadband networks in Western Nevada County.  One of the observers at the Board Meeting recounted how her business was down for two week, when both the AT&T and Comcast networks connection to her office went down.  The business depended on network connections, and is installing a dedicated network at a much higher cost.

I am assuming that The Union is using a dedicated network, or as a minimum both of our local broadband connections, one to back up the other.   Cloud commuting is highly dependent on broadband access and at the present time, Western Nevada County is not a hotspot for highly reliable broadband.

Beware Prop. 31: a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Russ Steele

I wrote about the dangers of Prop 31 HERE. This posted was linked to an LA Times article on Proposition 32 HERE. Now many of my words of cautions have been echoed by Katy Grimes in her Sept 21, 2012 CalWatchDog column, Beware Prop. 31: a wolf in sheep’s clothing

With all of the focus on the November ballot initiatives to raise taxes, Proposition 31 seems to have quietly avoided heavy scrutiny in the main stream media thus far. But this initiative is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be much-needed reform.

There is growing confusion about ballot title and summaries on California’s ballot initiatives. It’s almost impossible to know how to vote on something. A “no” vote may mean “yes,” and visa versa, given the way the California Attorney General’s office plays fast and loose with writing the titles and summaries of ballot measures.

This is the case with Proposition 31 –what’s up is down, and what appears to be reform, is not. Equally disturbing is how so many of the state’s newspapers are jumping on board this phony “reform” measure. Even the California Republican Party officially endorsed Prop. 31.

However, most voters have grown suspicious  of anything claiming to offer “good government”  reforms.

You can read all of Katy’s column HERE. She points to the Agenda 21 connection which the lame stream press and some of our Supervisors are avoiding like a bad wine.

My colleague Wayne Lusvardi warned of this in “Proposition 31 would regionalize state revenue sharing“: ”Despite regionalization failing miserably in the European Union, California is proposing to adopt it as a tax-sharing policy for distributing state funds to local governments if voters approve Proposition 31 on the November ballot.”

Others warn that Prop. 31 adopts parts of the United Nation’s Agenda 21.

“It calls for the institutionalization of the UN Agenda 21 ’3 E’s’:

* Economy: Private/Public Partnerships and Project Labor Agreements will replace free markets;

* Equity: Social and Environmental Justice and the redistribution of wealth will be mandatory instead of Equal Justice;

* Environment: Climate Change, Species, Habitat and false science will be used as an excuse to regulate and control the citizens of California,” explained the Halfway to Concord blog.

“The ‘Super’ Council will measure the ‘Performance and Accountability’ of every government entity against the UN Agenda 21 3 E’s. The Council will have the ultimate power to make or stop a local jurisdiction from doing anything based on this proposition.”

My question is are we going to become UN Sheeple or are we going to stand up for our freedom. Ask your Supervisors where they stand on Prop 31. If they are voting yes on Prop 31 it time for them to find an new job.

H/T to Todd Juvinall or the LA Times Link HERE.

Union Publisher Speaks – Our role is to inform, not to influence

Russ Steele

As readers know, over the years I have written columns for The Union, but stopped when the Publisher/Editor was unwilling to publish my views on climate changes as a Columnist for The Union. Thus, I stopped writing for The Union and focused more on blogging, which does not provide as many gates to jump before my words become public.

Now we have a new Publisher, Dave Schmall, who has published his views on the role of The Union in the community HERE.

I’ll cut to the chase: I truly believe the best service a local newspaper can provide its citizens is a balanced delivery of the issues and challenges facing our community and a stream of updates, opinions and proposed solutions, then to let the public decide. Our job is to inform, not to influence or persuade. As the dominant medium in town, we could probably sway lots of votes and that, in my mind, would be a crime. That’s not our role in the community. Ours is to foster positive change by providing accurate information so residents can make better, more informed decisions.

I will be watching to see how they address the climate change issues.  The US CO2 emissions are declining as the economy goes into the tank down to the 1992 levels, but the global CO2 levels continues to increase. However, the temperatures continue to slowly decline over the past 16 years. It is becoming harder and harder for intelligent people to make the mental connection between the rise in CO2 and the decline in global temperature. We will have to wait and see what “accurate information” will be provided to the Union’s readers on the climate change as we start tithing our Cap and Trade taxes to solve an non-existing problem.  Any guesses?

Nevada City Moves Forward to Sustain CO2 Stupidity

Russ Steele

I suspended my after dinner nap to turn on NCTV and observe the Nevada City Council Meeting and their actions on Consent Item C.

  1. Consideration of Approval for a Participation Agreement with Sierra Business Council for Phase III of the Green Communities Program to Develop the Energy Efficiency Chapter of a Climate Action Plan (CAP)

I have written about this issue HERE.

The item was pulled from the consent agenda for discussion by Terri Andersen, who pointed out that Phase III would require significant staff commitment, but Nevada City’s actual CO2 impact would be quite small. This was followed by a lot of was was from the City Manager David Brennan, quoting chapter and verse from an unidentified document. Hey, we were dumb enough to do Phase I and II why not do Phase III?  was my take on his comments.

Then we heard from Steven Frisch, SBC President, who has an economic interest in developing the energy efficiency plan, paid for by PG&E.  According to Steve, it provides the tools for finding the source of emissions currently measured at 37,500 metric tones. [No mention over what period that measurement was taken, but is sounds really scary.]  But, rather than focus on the CO2 issue, he focused on the auxiliary benefits of energy efficiency and the coming state mandates for energy efficiency. Oh?

Then the public spoke.

  • Robert Trent – PG&E is paying for it why not?  [Note PG&E rate payers are paying for it.]
  • Reinette Senum – Supported item C as part of the Cities long history of environmental stupidity. [I paraphrased Nevada City’s #1 environmentalist]
  • Niko Hunter –  Supported item C [Forest Service environmentalist wacko, who thinks we should exchange our cars for bikes. ]

Not one citizens stepped forward to challenge the need for CO2 inventories, or the amount of staff time that would be involved, or the need for a Climate Action Plan. No citizen was concerned that in a city that was financially on it’s ass was spending resources on a non existing problem. Nor, was anyone concerned that this Green Communities was an Agenda 21 Sustainability program being promoted by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.  The Nevada City Council is clueless,  or is in on the Agenda 21 scam.  As for the citizens of the Nevada City, they have proven how clueless they are by not showing up and challenging this Agenda 21 Sustainability stupidity!  Nevada City Citizens, you deserve the leadership you have and the consequences of your inattention!  Standby for Phase IV and Phase V.

In Phase  IV SBC will help Nevada City define the measurable out comes and selected the programs to achieve those out comes. [ Which economic development activities have to be curtailed to lower CO2 emissions.] Phase V, learning to adapt to a much smaller economy, which generates less CO2. [ Reality sets in and the citizens of Nevada City are now on their way to becoming a third world village.]

Nevada City Consenting to Phase III of CO2 Stupidity

Russ Steele

Consent Item at the Wednesday Nevada City Council Meeting:

C. Consideration of Approval for a Participation Agreement with Sierra Business Council for Phase III of the Green Communities Program to Develop the Energy Efficiency Chapter of a Climate Action Plan (CAP)

What the hell is this? It is more UN Agenda 21 crap creeping in to the administration of local government. No this is not more right wing conspiracy, ICLEI is an integral part of Agenda 21. Consider this from the Sierra Business Council Web Site.

  • Work with Local Governments throughout the Sierra Nevada to proactively meet greenhouse gas emission reduction goals; assisting Local Governments to lead by example
  • Provide comprehensive tools and resources for baseline greenhouse gas  emission inventories to local governments and community interns in the Sierra Nevada
  • Provide local governments with a inventory baseline to be used to monitor and reduce their energy usage and overall greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increase capacity within the workforce, preparing community interns with valuable skills and experiences beneficial in the green job sector
  • Prepare Local Government staff members for potential state regulations by providing training throughout the entire process, instructions on how to collect and analyze the data, and providing access to ICLEI resources; minimizing staff time and resources in the future
  • Develop county- and city-wide greenhouse gas inventory reports, which can eventually be used in the development of comprehensive energy/climate action planning tools
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to energy usage in the Sierra Nevada while promoting sustainable economic development, social fairness, and long term environmental quality
  • Implement the vision of the CA Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan in the Sierra Nevada

Project Process

Sierra Business Council has enrolled 16 local governments in Phase 1, and 17 local governments in Phase 2 to participate in the program and take part in the trainings provided by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. SBC will recruit and manage the interns, who will participate in the training along with the local government staff.  The interns are paired with selected local government staff participants, providing additional staffing support needed to conduct data collections, analysis, emissions inventory development and a final, comprehensive report.

This is all right out the UN Agenda 21 play book.  Notice that ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, has dropped International from their label, as it was alerting people to the real mission – one world government.   ICLECI’s mission is to carry out Agenda 21. Over 600 Counties and Cities have been duped into becoming ICLEI members and the tax payers are footing the bill.

The real question is why does Nevada City need to have a greenhouse gas inventory and a Climate Action Plan?  There is no scientific justification for the argument that human CO2 emissions are causing global warming on the planet. There is more evidence that the planet warms and cools based on the action of the sun, not human generated CO2.  There is no need to spend staff time learning how to inventory CO2 and write a Climate Action Plan.  Both are a waste of tax dollars for a City that is broke. They need to focus on some real problems, like a declining economy and unfunded pension plans.

Hat Tip.  If your want to understand the real scope of Agenda 21, then read Behind the Green Screen – Agenda 21, by Rosa Koire.  It is available on Amazon, including a Kindle edition.

Republican Party Adopts Anti-Agenda 21 Platform (Edited)

Russ Steele

According to His Purpleness it is only the hard right who are promoting anti-Agenda 21 actions by the local government officials. According to the Purple One we conservatives are wasting local government officials time and energy by promoting specious partisan theories that Agenda 21 is creeping into state laws, local regulations and ballot propositions.

As you may recall Agenda 21 is the non-binding 20-year-old UN resolution promoting sustainable development.  Initially our local left tried a frontal attack to bring sustainable development to Nevada County as part of NH2020. A stealthy Agenda 21 attack by the left.

Local conservatives managed to kill NH2020, but the left did not give up, they tried to formed a local ICLEI chapter and promote ICLEI training for the County staff. ICLEI is a UN sponsored international association of local governments that have made a commitment to sustainable development.

The ICLEI initiative was thwarted by the vigilance local letter writers, bloggers, and in face to face meetings with Supervisors. Still not willing to give up, the locals band together with other like-minded lefties in California and formed California Forward, a think tank who wrote Prop 31.

While the conservative effort to kill off Agenda 21 socialism has made some progress, the challenge has grown and others are now involved. States are now considering banning Agenda 21. Alabama has completed the process, New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to ban UN Agenda 21 polices, Arizona SB1507, would have prevented the state, county, and city governments of Arizona from adopting any tenets of Agenda 21, however it failed to pass.

George Rebane points out on his blog Ruminations,  Agenda 21 does not swoop in, it creeps in and our vigilance is necessary.

Now the Republican Party has weighed in with an Anti-Agenda 21 Platform.

“We strongly reject the U.N. Agenda 21 as erosive of American sovereignty, and we oppose any form of U.N. Global Tax.” 

Agenda 21 has become a national issue and we need to redouble our effort to defeat Prop 31 in California.  Local conservatives are no long alone in their resolve to keep Nevada County free of Agenda 21 socialism.

Vote No on Prop 31

Prop 31 Wonks Do Not Want Suburban Tax Payers to Connect the Tax Revenue Sharing Dots

Russ Steele

We are about to be bamboozled again by another initiative and our local libs do not want any of us to pay attention.  How are we being bamboozled? Check out the summary statement on Prop 31.


  • Establishes two-year state budget cycle.
  • Prohibits Legislature from creating expenditures of more than $25 million unless offsetting revenues or spending cuts are identified.
  • Permits Governor to cut budget unilaterally during declared fiscal emergencies if Legislature fails to act.
  • Requires performance reviews of all state programs.
  • Requires performance goals in state and local budgets.
  • Requires publication of bills at least three days prior to legislative vote.
  • Allows local governments to alter how laws governing state-funded programs apply to them, unless
  • Legislature or state agency vetoes change within 60 days.

All warm and fuzzy good stuff which is about as far as most people will read.  But, here is the hook hidden in the LAO’s summary. Read it carefully and parse the words, as it glosses over the revenue sharing in Prop 31 

Summary of Legislative Analyst’s Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact:

  • Decreased state sales tax revenues of about $200 million annually, with a corresponding increase of funding to certain local governments.
  • Other, potentially more significant changes in state and local spending and revenues, the magnitude of which would depend on future decisions by public officials.

Read this again “increase of funding to certain local governments.” You might think that might mean our local government will be a funding increase.  No it means that the suburbs where all the tax payers live will now be forced to share taxes with the inner cities where there are now few taxpayers and multiple tax takers.  The tax revenue sharing is not discussed directly in the summary, but it is included in the Proposition.

Read this again, “potentially more significant changes in state and local spending and revenues, the magnitude of which would depend on future decisions by public officials.” What might those future decisions be?  How about some political earmarks and some crony payoffs. Tax revenue sharing breaks the connection between local governments and taxpayers. Tax sharing government organizations are not accountable to the taxpayers of jurisdiction with which they share taxes.

Again, the total purpose of Prop 31 is to take tax revenue from the suburban counties and share it with the urban counties. Counties where the rich and middle classes have left in search of clean safe shopping centers, good schools, and neighborhoods where it is safe to walk the streets at night. Now Prop 31 wonks want these suburbanites to pay for clean up of the urban rot they left behind through tax revenue sharing.

Where did all  these sharing ideas come from? Agenda 21. But, some of our local Supervisors think that any connection between Agenda 21 and Prop 31 is just some specious partisan theory  that can be ignored.  I will address that subject in my next post!

If you vote for Prop 31 you are voting to rob our Red county of tax revenue to be sent to some Blue County where it will be spent by some Democrat political hack who has demonstrated he or she is incapable of being fiscally responsible with any tax revenue, urban or suburban.

NO on Prop 31.

The Media’s ‘Fact Check’ Smoke Screen

Russ Steele

Our local lefties and lefties everywhere are giving high fives and doing knuckle bumping over claims that Paul Ryan lied about the GM Plant closing. Even our local ink stained cartoon wretch got into the act HERE.

Here is what Investors Business Daily had to say

If media “fact checkers” are just impartial guardians of the truth, how come they got their own facts wrong about Paul Ryan’s speech, and did so in a way that helped President Obama’s re-election effort?

Case in point was the rush of “fact check” stories claiming Ryan misled when he talked about a shuttered auto plant in his home state.

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler posted a piece — “Ryan misleads on GM plant closing in hometown” — saying Ryan “appeared to suggest” that Obama was responsible for the closure of a GM plant in Janesville, Wis.

“That’s not true,” Kessler said. “The plant was closed in December 2008, before Obama was sworn in.”

What’s not true are Kessler’s “facts.” Ryan didn’t suggest Obama was responsible for shuttering the plant. Instead, he correctly noted that Obama promised during the campaign that the troubled plant “will be here for another hundred years” if his policies were enacted.

Also, the plant didn’t close in December 2008. It was still producing cars until April 2009.

An AP “fact check” also claimed that “the plant halted production in December 2008″ even though the AP itself reported in April 2009 that the plant was only then “closing for good.”

CNN’s John King made the same claim about that plant closure. But when CNN looked more carefully at the evidence, it — to its credit — concluded that what Ryan said was “true.”  [Emphasis Added] 

I saw a Fox Interview with Paul Ryan and he was asked about the claim that he lied about the GM plant closing. He said the Obama came to the Janesville plant where he made the claim it would stay open for a 100 years. According to Ryan, he was in our town and told us the plant would stray open if he was elected. While the plant is closed, it is not deactivated, but put in idle status in April 2009 according to the AP.

Thanks to a regular blog readers for asking me to get the facts out before any more of  his Democrat friends hurt themselves high fiving over a busted ‘fact check’!

Obama’s America – 2016 Opened In Grass Valley Today!

Russ Steele
Ellen and I went to the opening of Obama’s America – 2016 at the Del Oro Theater in Grass Valley today, along with about 100-125 other senior citizens.

At the end of this excellent movie, you could hear a pin drop in the theater. There was little talking among those leaving the theater, there seem to be more reflective gazes and some quiet whispers.

I highly recommend you see this excellent movie and reflect on it’s message.

Del Oro Main Theater at:  1:30, 4:14, 7:15 and 9:30

There is a Trailer HERE.


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