Best of the GOP Debate

I watched the GOP debate and the best line in the whole debate was by Governor Gary Johnson

Utility Rate Payers are going to PAY for “Green” Stupidity (Update)

Russ Steele

The Sac Bee has the story HERE:

Gov. Jerry Brown will sign legislation this morning authorizing the state to raise $200 million more from utility rate-payers to subsidize the installation of photovoltaic solar panels on homes and small businesses, and also extending the Public Utility Commission’s authority to collect $83 million annually from ratepayers for similar projects.

The bills are supported by the green-energy industry but opposed by the California Chamber of Commerce, which said the increased cost would burden businesses.

What is it that Democrats do not understand about the failed renewable energy business models that depends on subsidies to survive.  Taking money from you and I and then giving it to renewable energy companies that are going to charge us more for our energy use is not sustainable.  They eventually run our of subsidies and we are seeing in the news every day. But, California is doubling down.

The Governor and Legislature are ignoring the fact these subsidies scraped from our utility bills will raise the cost of doing business in California.  More business will be looking for the exit. Soon the only company that can make money on California will be the U-Haul Company, moving people to less expensive states.

Update (09-24-11)  This is how these funds have been spend in the past. Green Vehicles has gone bankrupt, no one would buy their three wheeled electric vehicles.

“Green Vehicles was one of a handful of companies statewide to win a California Energy Commission grant for developing 

“green” vehicle technologies, securing $2 million to reimburse expenses as the business grew. But with severe cash-flow problems, the state ultimately paid Green Vehicles less than $200,000.

The government is not very good at picking winners and losers. More details here.

H/T to a regular reader for this update tip.

Obama’s Great at Math

Russ Steele

Spotted on Twitter:

“Obama is great at math. He divides the country, subtracts jobs, adds debt and multiplies misery.”

How much longer will be have to deal with his math, 2012 cannot come soon enough.

Californians and their Government

Russ Steele

The Public Policy Institute of California has another poll out on how California feel about their government. They asked what was most important to citizens of the state, starting with this question.

First,thinking about the state as a whole, what do you think is the most important issue facing people in California today?

67% jobs,economy

6 education, schools

6 state budget, deficit, taxes

4 immigration, illegal immigration

2 crime, gangs, drugs

2 government in general

2 health care, health costs

9 other

2 don’t know

I was suprized that global warming or climate change was not near the top of the list, given all the attention this gets in the main stream media. I guess it could be burried in the other category.

Here are some other things that the Sac Bee found interesting:

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