Utility Rate Payers are going to PAY for “Green” Stupidity (Update)

Russ Steele

The Sac Bee has the story HERE:

Gov. Jerry Brown will sign legislation this morning authorizing the state to raise $200 million more from utility rate-payers to subsidize the installation of photovoltaic solar panels on homes and small businesses, and also extending the Public Utility Commission’s authority to collect $83 million annually from ratepayers for similar projects.

The bills are supported by the green-energy industry but opposed by the California Chamber of Commerce, which said the increased cost would burden businesses.

What is it that Democrats do not understand about the failed renewable energy business models that depends on subsidies to survive.  Taking money from you and I and then giving it to renewable energy companies that are going to charge us more for our energy use is not sustainable.  They eventually run our of subsidies and we are seeing in the news every day. But, California is doubling down.

The Governor and Legislature are ignoring the fact these subsidies scraped from our utility bills will raise the cost of doing business in California.  More business will be looking for the exit. Soon the only company that can make money on California will be the U-Haul Company, moving people to less expensive states.

Update (09-24-11)  This is how these funds have been spend in the past. Green Vehicles has gone bankrupt, no one would buy their three wheeled electric vehicles.

“Green Vehicles was one of a handful of companies statewide to win a California Energy Commission grant for developing 

“green” vehicle technologies, securing $2 million to reimburse expenses as the business grew. But with severe cash-flow problems, the state ultimately paid Green Vehicles less than $200,000.

The government is not very good at picking winners and losers. More details here.

H/T to a regular reader for this update tip.


About Russ Steele
Freelance writer and climate change blogger. Russ spent twenty years in the Air Force as a navigator specializing in electronics warfare and digital systems. After his service he was employed for sixteen years as concept developer for TRW, an aerospace and automotive company, and then was CEO of a non-profit Internet provider for 18 months. Russ's articles have appeared in Comstock's Business, Capitol Journal, Trailer Life, Monitoring Times, and Idaho Magazine.

12 Responses to Utility Rate Payers are going to PAY for “Green” Stupidity (Update)

  1. steve enos says:

    Taxpayers to pay for Citizen’s Bank’s stupidty…

  2. We all agree with that.

  3. steve enos says:

    So Todd, hiow do you feel about some acdcountability for the folks at Citizen’s Bank? Looks like a min. of $37 million cooked plus all the stock values went to zero.

    Time for the facts to come out.

  4. Sure I don’t have a problem with any facts coming out. What facts do you know that we don’t.

  5. steve enos says:

    The following is from the lastest piece posted on CABPRO’s website:

    “Central bankers repeatedly “save the system” using taxpayer money with every

    The line of banksters lining up at the Federal Reserve for a handout of
    public money is testimony to the theft taking place right under the American
    Taxpayer’s nose. Profits are privatized but when the bets go bad losses are
    shuttled on to the backs of the public”.

    So Russ, Todd… does this hold true for Citizen’s Bank too?

  6. Sure it does. The difference was our local bank was trying to loan to local people and businesses and we all luve here. The TARP was forced down the throat of Wells Fargo as I recall and my guess is there is enough sad stories to fill even your over sized hat. Instead of the SOP of Steve Enos trashing everybody here why don’t you try to be constructive and help. You are such a negatory.

  7. Dixon Cruickshank says:

    Steve instead of trashing a local bank with local shareholders that lost money why don’t you try on Ms Waters bank fiasco. Not sure what joy you find in your nieghbors losing money with a bank failure due to the putrid local economy that thought worm farms were the answer in the 21st century.

    I am just amazed over the years how you seem to revel in the slow dying of every facet of your local economy. Your state is a mess and that trickles down, your locals are taking it in shorts and you seem over joyed at this = puzzled.
    I presume you own a house maybe which is a usually a pretty big asset, as your area dies that value dies as well to the point it really has very little value as its what the market will bear.

  8. steve enos says:

    Simple… the only way to know what went on is if all the facts and information come out.

    That is all I am asking for and all I have ever asked for… facts and information about where the TAXPAYERS bail out money went and were the loans went.

    When the problems started time and time again Citizen’s Bank flat out refused to disclose the loan infornation and refused to provide information about who had the big, bad loans and what they were for, including information of any connected to past or current board members.

    Citizen’s refused to provide and disclose this information when asked by the media. Jeff did many stories and The Unoin did too and when asked Citizen’s said they would not provide the loan informatoin… it’s easy to find the past stories on line that show that is the case. Citizen’s Bank refused to inform the public. That’s not a good trust builder.

    So later we find out one Citizen’s board member resigned from the board a very short time before his development project was taken back for failing to pay his development loan.

    We also found out a head loan officer at Citizens’ made off with millions via fake lending.

    What we don’t know, what Citizen’s Bank has refused to provide is where all the money went and to whom and to what development projects. This information needs to come out.

    Considering Citizen’s was using taxpayer insured deposits and taxpayer bailout money this information must come out if any type of trust can be expected in the future.

    Why be afraid of the facts and the truth?

    The only way to know what took place is for all the facts to be disclosed for all to see… then we will know what happened or didn’t happen.

    It’s that simple.

  9. You never have anything good to say regardless. You just never fit well with the community. We know all the facts and the scofflaws have been dealt with already. The economy tanked an many people took a hit. Nothing more nothing less. Nothing nefarious. You simply don’t like the locals, very transparent.

  10. steve enos says:

    feel 100% those businesses that accepted Federal, taxpayer’s dollars for bailouts should all open their books to the public… to the lender… that being the citizen’s of the USA.

    All those “borrowers” large and small, from New York City to Grass Valley to around the world… all of them.

    Don’t banks and lenders require prospective borrowers to open their books for review when they want money and “investment”?

    Is some part of this not correct?

    Accountability and transparency is at a minimum required by those that accepted the money from us, the citizen’s.

    It’s the “new money” that was printed up and handed over to the very folks responsible for this melt down. It was money we got from China and others by selling them some new paper we printed up.

    It’s magic money… no money one second… then fire up the printers and POOF!… piles of new money!

    One big problem is the middle and lower class has a greater percentage of the dollars they hold get devalued. The ones that can least afford get hit the hardest on a percentage and quality of life and quality of health basis.

    Simple… take the money… open the books.

  11. That is not what we disagree with. You are always trashing your fellow citizens and we are simply tired of you.

  12. steve enos says:

    Hey Todd, at least try to stay on topic and talk about issues vs. your endless personal attacks and insults. The only one talking trash talk here is Todd.

    I want the books opened for Solyndra solar and all the facts and info. The same holds true for ANY business that took government money and then left the citizen’s holding the bag. Seems asking for that is in some way trashing folks… no sale, just want the facts.

    You can’t have accountability without first getting all the info out in the public for all to see and review.

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