Wal-Mart Listens to Market and Ends “Green” Products — Customers Return

From the PJ Tatler:

Ending eight consecutive quarters of losses, Wal-Mart is about to announce that customers are returning to the retail giant.

If so, this will be a vindication for Wal-Mart executives who last April put an end to a five year liberal left experiment to inject pricey “green” and politically correct products into the stores.

Out went the low cost jeans.  In came holistic and organic foods, environmentally “natural” clothing and so-called fair trade  products.  Of course all of these products cost more.


The genius behind the Wal-Mart “green” makeover was former Al Gore communications director Leslie Dach. He brought in environmentalists, ecologists and liberal economists.  They convinced the company to sell according to their preconceived ideas of justice, not to market needs.

The result was a disaster.  But last April Wal-Mart changed course and inaugurated a “Back to Basics” campaign. They informed poor and middle class consumers that the affordable stuff like cheap jeans and food were back.

Yesterday Wal-Mart executives told financial analysts the company will break eight consecutive quarters of loss and finally see a rise in same store sales.  And this during a recession.


The three month period perfectly tracks the “Back to Basics” turnabout.

It’s interesting when you listen to the market.

When will California leaders start listening to small businesses, who are the real job creators, and stop pushing green crap on the citizens of this state. Oh! Not any time soon you say. How about after the 2012 election?


About Russ Steele
Freelance writer and climate change blogger. Russ spent twenty years in the Air Force as a navigator specializing in electronics warfare and digital systems. After his service he was employed for sixteen years as concept developer for TRW, an aerospace and automotive company, and then was CEO of a non-profit Internet provider for 18 months. Russ's articles have appeared in Comstock's Business, Capitol Journal, Trailer Life, Monitoring Times, and Idaho Magazine.

One Response to Wal-Mart Listens to Market and Ends “Green” Products — Customers Return

  1. Videodrone says:

    humm – our local wally world was one of the first to pull firearms and they still have a bit of extortion if you don’t remember to bring your bags (I never do) but they do have (at times) the best deal on bulk ammo – wonder if the bag extortion off sets the cost of cart retrievers?

    and being “harvest season” here at the apex of the emerald triangle the parking lot crowd is another factor to consider best time to go is early in the morning when they are still passed out

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