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Russ Steele

I recently heard Carl Rove tell the Fox News Audience that Herman Cane does not have a chance because he is not building the ground team necessary to win in states like Iowa.  I heard the same thing on the radio coming back from Sacramento on the radio.  Then this showed up in my e-mail folder this morning from Rasmussen Reports:

Reflecting national trends, businessman Herman Cain has now jumped to the front of the Republican pack in Iowa.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Iowa caucus-goers shows that Cain is in front with 28% followed by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney at 21%. Congressman Ron Paul is a distant third at 10% followed by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at 9%, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann at 8%, and Texas Governor Rick Perry at 7%. The sixth place finish for Perry is a sharp decline from early September when Perry was the frontrunner both nationally and in Iowa.

On my drive from Sacramento, it occurred to me that the Tea Party Patriots has over 3,000 state and community level organizations, with as many as 30,000 members or supporters. Are these really defacto Cain support organizations?  Why focus on doing the things that the GOP elites want you to do, when it is clear that the Tea Parties have changed the game.

Why is Cain surging after every debate? Common Sense?


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  1. steve enos says:

    Cain is now running from his 999 “plan”. He is adding things like redevelopment zones where folks would get tax credits. His 999 “plan” is being pulled apart by the left AND the right.

    I wonder how the Tea Party feels about Cain’s idea for redevelopment zones that give tax credits. Cain is now back peddleing fast on his 999 “plan”, he’s now adding in “deductions” for some.

    I sure hope Cain runs against President Obama, but the sane R’s will never let that happen… damn!

  2. steve enos says:

    Cain is clueless. So part of his “new” 999 “plan” is… minimum wage laws could be waived to give more people jobs.

    This will get him votes?

    What does Cain want, the ability to pay folks $2.00 an hour to make pizza?

    Cain is going down in flames.

  3. steve enos says:

    Check out this link. It covers some of the Cain’s nonsense. Flip-Flop and un-informed at the highest levels.

    So Cain is now the Tea Party’s guy? I love it!

    What hapened to Perry? What happened to Buchmann? Now Buchmann’s campaign folks are all bailing.

  4. Bob says:

    I am surprised at how concerned Steve seems to be when it comes to Cain. What’s the problem Steve?

  5. steve enos says:

    The problem is… Cain.

    But I would LOVE to see Cain run against President Obama in 2012. But that will not happen.

    So “Bob”… are you a Cain supporter?

  6. Bob, it really cacks me up when liberals like Enos critique our candidates. Sort of like Mao critiquing the USA.

  7. Bob says:

    So Steve, just what is the problem with Cain? You should be promoting Cain not demonizing him. You don’t want to discourage anyone from voting for him in the primary do you? Come on jump on the band wagon. Tell all us Republicans that will be voting in the primary why we should pick Cain over the rest. That way you will be helping your favorite be reelected. Right?

  8. What is the glaring hypocrisy of the left is their claim all of us were racists when we said we didn’t care for Obama. Now we see the truth. The left are the racists. It would appear some posting here are simply run of the mill lefty racists. I love it when they show their true selves.

  9. Bob says:

    Todd, the left has been very open about showing their racism for many years now believing that just because they own the minority vote that gives them license to always be the first to point out race. Now prejudice is not the same thing as racism but it has been my observation that those who illustrate prejudice are also more often of the leftist ideally. I can’t tell you how many times I have been made aware of race by the left when it never even occurred to me. In fact it happened not more than few hours ago. When a person I knew was referred to as of a particular race I didn’t even know who they were referring to. I saw that person about an hour later and I started laughing to myself because I had never even noticed the person’s race before that. The person that brought it up is a died-in-the-wool liberal. The left illustrates their disproportionate racism on a daily basis.
    Oh they’re gona hate that because the truth always gets under their skin!

  10. steve enos says:

    Bob, Todd… I’m color blind. Color is no issue with me.

  11. Bob says:

    Steve, You have to do better than that. It’s up to you to decide what beliefs satisfy you but you need to learn to verify your sources before you quote them as fact. There is no substance in the article you quote.

  12. steve enos says:

    Some real nice posters you have here Russ.

    I raise issues about Cain and a couple of your wonderful posters call me a racist.

    I believe Todd, “Bob” and you too Russ don’t like President Obama because of his politics and his policies… not his race.

    But here I raised issues about Cain a couple of you posters claim I’m a racist.

    Do you allow this type of BS here Russ? Are you just going to sit back and have this type of BS take place here?

    Russ, I bet you have concerns and issues with Cain too and that does not make you a racist either.

    PS: Russ, don’t forget the yearly sale at The Range is taking place in a few weeks. Some good deals to be had. Hope you made it to the Father’s Day event at Miwall this year, some really great deals this year!

  13. Oh stop it. We read your posts on the Union and you were constantly calling others racists when they disagreed with Obama. You are now receiving equal rights treatment in this great free speech country.

  14. steve enos says:

    Cain… not ready for prime time:

    Cain’s stumbles fuel doubts on electability – ATLANTA (AP)

    Herman Cain is learning the hard way what it means to face the glare of the national spotlight.

    After captivating Republicans hungry for an alternative to Mitt Romney, the presidential hopeful has made a series of stumbles that have left some questioning if he’s ready for the White House. The Georgia businessman has been on a media blitz since a rise in the polls catapulted him into the top tier of the race for the Republican party nomination.

    But Cain has sometimes appeared to be in over his head. In the last week, he:

    —Suggested a fence along the U.S. border with Mexico should be electrified to kill illegal immigrants trying to pass into the United States. Cain later called it a joke and apologized if anyone was offended by the remarks.

    —Said he would negotiate for the release of U.S. prisoners held by terrorists, then reversed himself and said he had misunderstood the question.

    —Muddied the water on abortion, telling CNN that, while he strongly opposes abortion, “the government shouldn’t be trying to tell people everything to do, especially when it comes to social decisions that they need to make.” He later issued a statement reiterating his opposition to abortion.

    —Amid criticism that his signature 9-9-9 tax overhaul would force the majority of Americans to pay more to the government, he reworked the plan to exclude the poorest Americans and to allow some deductions. Backers of Cain’s original plan had praised its simplicity, and piling on loopholes could erode into that support.

  15. steve enos says:

    Sorry Todd, you are 100% wrong. But thanks for showing folks here what you are. I’ll pray for you Sunday while I’m at church.

  16. Todd Juvinall says:

    Please do we all needs God’s help. I remember quite well your posts BAJA. You were right in the thick of calling anyone criticizing Obama a racist. Fortunately, I am not a racist so you have a credibility problem.

  17. steve enos says:

    Wrong Todd… I’ll pray double for you Sunday.

  18. Not wrong and I’ll pray you start telling the truth. Deal?

  19. steve enos says:

    So Todd, to be clear, you are calling me a lier and a racisit?

    Russ Replies: Steve stick to the subject or you go into full time moderation! I am tired of your pissing contest with Todd.

  20. What is a lier?

    Russ Replies: Todd, stick to the subject or you go in to full time moderation! I am tried of your pissing contest with Enos.

  21. steve enos says:

    Russ, I was on topic, I stayed on topic and I posited about Cain. Then Todd starts posting I’m a racist and a lair. By reading the post stream above it’s clear. I was posting about specific, on topic Cain issues, it was Todd that went off topic and started posting personal, insults… not me.

    Russ in my October 22, 2011 at 10:26 post I asked you to set in to address this. The posts above show what took place.

    Thanks, Russ. Regardless of which position one has we should be able to have an on topic, civil, non personal discussion here with no name calling or personal attacks.

  22. Bob White says:

    Just to make sure that anyone reading this thread doesn’t allow themselves to fall victim to a classic disingenuous tactic employed by the left, Steve Enos in this case, of labeling someone by accusing them of something they never did, Saul Alinsky, go back and read my posts and see for yourself. The only connection I made between Steve and racism was in the context of liberals in general.
    Now Russ it isn’t your responsibility to monitor the veracity of what your commenter’s write but if you are concerned about sticking to pertinent related issues then when your blog is used for not just ad hominem personal attacks but even worse to impose this unsubstantiated derogatory impression of a commentator supposedly based on the actual thread, that is something I agree you should consider unacceptable.
    I believe a formal admonishment of Steve for this particular transgression is in order.

  23. steve enos says:

    The Boaston Globe has a piece about conservatives Bachmann and Santorum’s thoughts on Cain. I wonder why the Tea Party seemed to jump from Bachmann to Perry and now to Cain? Where is the Tea Party support going next?

    From the Boston Globe
    By Shira Schoenberg, Globe Correspondent

    It is clear Herman Cain’s Republican rivals see him as a threat: they’re going after him.

    Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum both used talk show appearances Sunday to accuse Cain, the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, of being soft on social issues. Both candidates are vying for support from more conservative, Tea Party-affiliated voters – the same group that has been supporting Cain and fueling his rapid rise in the polls.

    “Conservatives … are going to question whether he really is a convictioned conservative, particularly on some of these moral cultural issues and Second Amendment issues,” Santorum said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.’’

    In an interview Wednesday night on Piers Morgan’s program, Cain was asked about abortion in the case of rape or incest, and seemed to give an answer favoring abortion rights. He responded that the decision shouldn’t be up to government. “It ultimately gets down to a choice that the family or that mother has to make,” Cain said. He later clarified that he was “100 percent pro-life.”

    “This is an issue you can’t get wrong,” Bachmann said of Cain’s apparent confusion, speaking on “Fox News Sunday’’ with Chris Wallace.

    Bachmann tried to tie Cain to President Obama. “Obama’s position is he’s personally against abortion but he doesn’t believe government should intervene to protect human life,” she said. “That’s essentially what Herman Cain said in his responses.”

    Bachmann also asserted that Cain flip-flopped on same sex marriage, and criticized his stance on Guantanamo Bay. Cain opposes gay marriage, but has said he will not focus on passing a constitutional amendment forbidding it. He has said on CNN that he would consider releasing all the terrorists held at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in exchange for one American prisoner – though Cain later said he misspoke.

    “You can’t have all these flip-flops in our nominee one after another,” Bachmann said. “It’s making voters’ heads spin.” Bachmann said the flip-flops were “giving people pause” about what Cain truly believes and how he would govern.

    Santorum said Cain is weak on abortion, gun control, taxes and the bailout of the financial industry. Cain has said gun control should be up to states. He supported the Troubled Asset Relief Program – the so-called bank bailout – though he says he objects to the way the money was spent. He supports scrapping the federal tax code in favor of 9 percent taxes on income, corporate profits, and sales.

    Santorum said the Tea Party was founded partly to oppose the Wall Street bailout, and conservatives would not support a national sales tax.

  24. Herman Cain and the rest of the candidates are the best example of why America is the last best hope on the planet. Even though there has been slam after slam on our candidates by the left, they all have the best interests of the country at heart. Obama doesn’t. Obama is a socialist and it is clearer every time he speaks he wants to make everyone fiscally equal. We reject that snce each person is free to pursue whatever level of personal success they choose. A forced equality is slavery. Cain is ot a politician. I am sure he has his warts as do all humans but at east he has a birth certificate.

  25. Barry Pruett says:

    Steve: While I agree with you that Cain’s support will decrease as the campaign continues, I do disagree with your premise that Cain is supported by the Tea Party. The Tea Party does not support candidates, so calling any candidate “the tea party backed candidate” is highly misleading, and frankly dishonest rhetoric.

    The Tea Party is a grassroots movement seeking a government that lives within its means, but each individual has a mind of their own. For example, both Kim and I support the Tea Party mission, but we disagree on which candidate would be best – and our opinions change weekly as more information is avaiable. If there is no consenus in our own house of people who support the mission, how can there be a nationally “tea party backed candidate?”

    Once a candidate is selected and if the candidate is conservative, you will likely see a grassroots movement to return our great nation to the principles upon which it was founded. The Tea Party support comes from the bottom up.

  26. steve enos says:

    Sorry, it’s not just the left pushing on Cain. Conservatives Bachmann and Santorum are calling Cain Mr. Flip-Flop, not ready for prime time, not ready to hold office.

    • Russ says:

      Well, Cain is more prepared to be President of the United States than Obama was. Obama had never created a private sector job ever, and Cain has created thousands of jobs and knows how it is done. Obama only knows how to kill jobs.

  27. I does fascinate me that people on both sides of the isle complain about the “corrupt” politicians and when someone from the outside runs they then demean them as not being a politician. I think mass hysteria is at work.

  28. steve enos says:

    Conservatives Bachmann and Santorum are calling Cain Mr. Flip-Flop, not ready for prime time, not ready to hold office.

    Even Fox News is now saying Cain “is in over hs head”:

  29. Barry Pruett says:

    Steve: I have attempted to have a conversation with you, but all you can do is say the same thing over and over. Do you have anything to add to the conversation, or are you so afraid of Cain that you can say nothing other than “flip-flop?” Why is Cain surging despite the criticism? Why is the left so afraid of him?

  30. Cain is proving to be popular because he is honest. When you see him asking Clinton questions way back in the 90’s regarding H.aillarycare, you can see Bill cringe as Cain comes across smarter than Bill. Over the years he has led companies and was on the Federal Reserve. He is a threat to the democrats and too the “country club” Republicans because he is not controlled by them or their lies about him. He is refreshing to say the least. Perhaps the people of our party should be given a chance to have their say in the voting booth before Cain or for that matter any other R is written off or dismissed. Obama was a junior Senator and spent 180 days in session before he was elected and I am sure Hillary and her gang thought she was a lock before the promaries started.

  31. Barry Pruett says:

    Very true. Cain is refreshing, but I just am not convinced that he has the staying power. We will know a lot more in a month.

  32. Bob says:

    My impression at this time is that most of the opposition and criticism directed at Cain from the perceived “right” comes from those that have a personal interest in minimizing his support. This coupled with his lack of political background and extensive private sector background lead me to favor not second guessing Cain. All the others candidates have engaged in attacks of the others when conditions dictate. So far Cain has been able to work around going on the attack. This may not be in the cards but I am visualizing what the field might look like after an initial full frontal simultaneous attack of Bachmann, Santorum, Perry, and Romney by Cain.

    For all of you that have been coddled by a union, taken a government paycheck, or use an EBT card most of your life, you don’t go through most of your carrier following a path like Herman Cain’s and not learn how to crack a few eggs! The private sector isn’t for sissies.

  33. Bob says:

    What was that I said?

  34. steve enos says:

    So now Perry isn’t going to debate? No wonder, when folks see and listen to Perry they can’t get away from him fast enough.

    So glad Dan Logue went to Texas to beg Perry to run. I don’t see Logue talking about Perry or pushing Perry for President any more… guess Logue pulled back from Perry like most of the folks that once begged Perry to run.

    Oct. 27 (Bloomberg) — Rick Perry, whose performance in a series of Republican presidential debates has corresponded with a steep decline in his support in polls, plans to limit participation in future face-offs ahead of early state nominating contests.

    The concession by the Texas governor, confirmed by an aide in an e-mail to Bloomberg News today, could benefit former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who has taken a lead over his rivals for the Republican nomination in the states slated to hold the first four caucuses and primaries in January.

    “I think reality has hit him in the face,” said Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto, a visiting scholar in the Department of Government at the University of Texas in Austin. “I think he has realized his strengths and weaknesses. He made the political calculation that more debates are only going to hurt him.”

  35. steve enos says:

    Here’s a good one. Look who’s back Cain!

    Add Pastor Terry Jones to the list of controversial religious leaders making presidential endorsements this season. The Florida preacher who set fire to the Quran, sparking a deadly riot, told ABC News he would back GOP front-runner Herman Cain.

    “I think Herman Cain would make a tremendous president,” Jones said. “I would definitely pick Cain.

  36. Didn’t you support Reverend Wright? Now there is a real loon.

  37. steve enos says:

    No Todd… I did not support Reverend Wright.

    “I think Herman Cain would make a tremendous president,” Jones said. “I would definitely pick Cain”… that being Pastor Terry Jones.

  38. steve enos says:

    Well it seems Cain could not keep his story straight. Just hours after saying “I know nothing” he goes on Fox and it comes out he lied about that… he did know about the sexual harassment claim and the pay off! Cain even said on Fox that it was three months of pay for one of the woman… opps!

    That Fox interview is all one needs to see and listen to to know what Cain is really about. And this is the guy the Tea Party has been backing? Yikes!

    So the latest Tea Party candidate is now toast. Will the Tea Party clan now run back to Perry?

    ATLANTA (AP) — Presidential candidate Herman Cain says he never changed his story about sexual harassment allegations against him in the 1990s.

    In a Tuesday interview, Cain told Headline News that he didn’t contradict himself when he said a day earlier that he was unaware of a settlement between a woman and the National Restaurant Association, where he worked at the time, over allegations against Cain. He said he was aware of an agreement, but not a settlement.

    Cain says — quote — “So it looked like I had changed my story. I didn’t change my story.”

    • Russ says:

      “Politico failure to respond raises questions” according to law school Professor William Jacobson at his blog Legal Insurrection
      Politico relied on anonymous sources not just for the tipoff on the Herman Cain story, but for some of the details as to the nature of the accusations.  Yet Politico refuses to provide any context for the sources so that readers could judge the credibility of the accusations based on the placement of the source.
      This stands in contrast, for example, to Politico’s use of terms such as “senior administration official” or identifier of a person in an organization who “requested anonymity.”  This terminology protects the identity of the source, yet provides context for readers to judge the likely veracity of the otherwise anonymous statement.  Politico uses such terminology for even national security issues.
      Apparently, the source for the Cain accusations must be kept even more secret than the identity of those who convey national security information.

      • steve enos says:

        Cain said it’s true after saying it wasn’t. Cain said he knew nothing and a few hours later on Fox he gave details and Cain gave more more details the next day… some fast memory reboot. One of those that filed a complaint was paid off.

        Cain is toast, but I wish he would be the R to run against President Obama.

  39. You pasted this on my blog too. Very boring.

  40. steve enos says:

    Cain is toast… the ever changing story from Cain and the lies that cam eout on his Fox News interview are what sunk Cain on this one vs. the original sexual harassment claims he first said he knew nothing about.

    Of course Cain and his team knew about these past sexual harassment claim(s) and the settlement.

    So will the Tea Party clan now run back to Perry?

    Todd, are you still a Cain supporter now?

    • Russ says:

      Steve E how do you explain this? Iowans are not abandoning Cain, and donors increased their support

      Two sources within the Cain campaign are telling me that although Mr. Cain was hit with sexual harassment accusations in the 90’s from two females who worked for him, when he was president of the National Restaurant Association, Monday’s online campaign fundraising for the campaign was the best ever up to this point.

      Human Events is reporting that Cain Campaign Manager Mark Block says the campaign raised $250,000 in online donations in one day. However, one Cain campaign source confirmed to me that the fundraising for Monday is well over $300,000.

      The Cain campaign sent a quote to the Water Cooler blog regarding Monday’s online money haul saying, “The campaign views the increased donations as an outcry of support for Herman and that the base is rallying around him.”

      • RL Crabb says:

        Just watched Cain being grilled on FOX. Krauthammer; “Don’t you think your parsing of words sounds Clintonian?” A.B. Stoddard; “You had two weeks notice of this story. Why weren’t you more prepared?”

        Cain answered the second question by admitting that he wasn’t prepared and should have been. You’d think that in the age of information Cain’s people would have had their act together, or better, had released the story before the press got ahold of it. Bush league stuff.

        Cain also mentioned that it was possible the leak came from the right. If that turns out to be the case, so much for the eleventh commandment.

  41. Todd Juvinall says:

    Russ, Enos pasted this on my blog as well. My response to Enos is Cain has clarified his words and he is moving on up.

  42. RL Crabb says:

    Look for the GOP field to start shrinking…Michelle Bachmann’s New Hampshire staff announced that they “were going out for a minute to buy some smokes”, but they never returned, leaving Michelle like a jilted lover. To rub salt in the wound, the smokers actually drove over to the Cain camp, where they felt more welcome.

    At this point, my sources tell me that Bachmann is hoping the next debate will be in the form of a wet t-shirt contest, which she expects to win hands down. Newt Gingrich is on an eating binge, trying to add some pounds to his chest to remain competitive.

    Now it has been revealed that Herman was involved in a case of sexual harassment. Republicans are already comparing it to the Clarence Thomas hearings, but this is on record and happened before Cain became a candidate. Cain likes to say that he’s not like other politicians, but sex scandals are in vogue around DC these days. Plus, when he parses words like “agreement” versus “settlement”, he shows that he can confuse people as well as any incumbant. Depends on what “is” is, right?

  43. steve enos says:

    Cain’s ever changing story within hours went from ” I know nothing” to a lot of details. His interview on Fox showed it all. Cain is toast, but he was from the start.

    Cain reminds me of Sergeant Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes… “I know nothing” and then a few short hours later the truth starts to come out in his Fox interview. So will the Tea Party clan now go back to Perry?

    The clowns the R’s have running is beyond funny, it’s tragic. President Obama will be re-elected as a result.

  44. Bob says:

    OK Stevey, since all the R candidates are clowns and Obama is a lock, just for fun, which R do you think they should have run? Or are you intimidated by that question?

  45. steve enos says:

    Hey “Bob”… Ron Paul is a good choice.
    And “Bob”… why not use your name when you post here… are you “intimidated” or are you just a nameless bushwacker that hides in the bushes?

    • Bob says:

      Well Ron Paul would certainly insure that your dream would come true. I can’t say that I wish you luck.

      As for my ID, it is all filled in for me before I post. I have no problem with “Bob” “BW” or “Bob White” Take your pick. What is important here is what is written not who writes it. But then we can all see that you think it is all about you Stevey!

  46. Greg Goodknight says:

    Whether Cain is in or out after this mini-scandal, it’s evidence for why a political neophyte is a dangerous choice in a campaign for a major office. Had this been drug out previously in a mayoral or congressional campaign, it would be ‘old news’ to be waved away with one hand.

  47. Bob says:

    Now it’s coming out that the nondisclosure agreement restricts Cain from even acknowledging that there was an agreement. It is common in these cases because the claimant wants to protect themselves from restricting their chances of further employment. That explains a lot. I know all you libs don’t want to even think about it but I wonder how many other settlements the claimant has made since this one? Don’t know how you might determine that. Wouldn’t be the first time the MSM has shot themselves in the foot. Just food for thought!

  48. steve enos says:

    Does CAin even know where Chian is? Seems he thinks Chain doe not have nuclear capability!

    This is the guy the Tea Party is currently backing. First Bachmann, then Perry and currenty Cain… where to next?

    Hey HErman, news flash, China went nuclear a long time ago!

    Russ Replies: I do not think that China has nuclear aircraft carriers yet, but they are working on them. That is what I took from his remarks. I guess you live in another universe.

  49. Chian? Where is that SteveE? If you think a man as smart as Cain doesn’t know something like that you are in denial. It is truly fascinating to me that a person like SteveE belittles a man who was so successful in all aspects of his ife and is vying for the most important position on the planet. But, I guess when someone like SteveE supports an Obama, I can see why.

  50. Bob says:

    Steve, Steve, calm down. You need to support Cain. That way your guy can win that much more easily. Think before you leap.

  51. steve enos says:

    NEWS FLASH BOYS….. so it’s the left providing the info and attacking Cain on his sexual harassment claims you say?… let’s see what Herman has to say about that!

    “Cain Camp Accuses Perry Campaign of Leaking Sexual Harassment Claims”

    Published November 02, 2011

    “Herman Cain’s top aide accused Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s camp of leaking stories to the media about sexual harassment allegations from the 1990s that have rocked the former pizza company executive’s presidential campaign.

    Cain has been grappling with the allegations since Politico first reported Sunday night that at least two women who worked for the National Restaurant Association when Cain was the head had received financial settlements after they complained about his behavior.

    The Cain campaign points to longtime GOP consultant Curt Anderson, who worked for Cain’s failed 2004 U.S. Senate bid and was debriefed on the harassment allegations by Cain himself. Anderson now works for Perry.”

    Ooooooooooop’s… note that Cain’s ever changing story now shows he lied when first asked about this days ago.

    Now Cain’s own camp is saying the sexual harassment claims were discussed and Curt Anderson was “debriefed on the harassment allegations by Cain himself” in 2004.

    Seems Cain can’t keep his story straight… Cain is toast and Cain says the information came out via Perry… what a hoot!

    Enjoy eating your crow boys,

    Exit question… so who is the Tea Party going to back now? First the TP tossed Buchmann, then Perry, now everyone will run from Cain…. next stop for the TP?

    • I think Clinton had a bimbo eruption and Hillary sat with him on a national interview and he won the office. (mostly because of Perot) So if any of this is less tan speculation I say he can weather it. At least we know he likes girls.

  52. steve enos says:

    You bet. Jjust like Charlie Sheen Cain is “winning”.

  53. steve enos says:

    The folks on Fox News have been covering this issue about Cain and his “memory” and the big lie.

    The Cain campaign has now said longtime GOP consultant Curt Anderson, who worked for Cain’s failed 2004 U.S. Senate bid and was debriefed on the harassment allegations by Cain himself. Anderson now works for Perry.

    The folks on Fox News get it, but some here can’t seem to grasp this simple issue about Cain’s ever changing story.

    It’s now clear from Cain’s own changing statements that he lied when the sexual harassment claims story first came out.

    When first asked about this days ago Cain said he knew nothing, that there never was sexual harassment claims in his past that he knew about.

    Now Cain is saying the sexual harassment claims were discussed and Curt Anderson was “debriefed on the harassment allegations by Cain himself” in 2004.

    So the folks on Fox News get it… Cain has now been caught, Cain lied and the folks on Fox News take that position.

    Cain is toast, he’s attacking Perry for the sexual harassment claims info getting out to the public (does’s the public have a right to know about Cain’s sexual harassment claims?). Perry is pointing to Romney and the R’s are melting down.

  54. steve enos says:

    Herman, Herman, Herman… your story keeps changing every hour. More and more info keeps coming out.

    Cain is toast, but you guys just keep backing him and defending him on this.

    • steve enos says:

      Check this just out… Cain is toast, the Tea Party guy is cooked:

    • Russ says:

      Steve Enos, here is a little mind exercise for you to think about. Suppose those making claims were either insignificant or false, or both. Here is some thoughts on the issue by a lawyer who is very familiar with these kind of suits from PowerLine.

      In my opinion, the reported settlement sums – $35,000 and $45,000 – do not exceed “nuisance value.” In fact, the nuisance value of a sexual harassment claim based on the alleged misconduct of the head of an organization in the late 1990s was probably higher than these sums. Sexual harassment claims have much more potential for embarrassment than ordinary discrimination claims. And in the classic “he says, she says” situation, the outcome is usually much harder to predict. Hence the extra incentive to settle regardless of the merits.

      On the other hand, a female who truly has experienced inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature might settle a case for as little as $35,000 or less. For example, a woman who is able to move seamlessly into a comparably paying job will sometimes accept a small settlement (or none) in order to be done with the matter. This is especially true if she did not experience major distress, and is unwilling falsely to allege it. The main goal of a woman who has a creepy boss is often to escape the situation, not to relive it in the hope of extorting a big settlement.

      In addition, conduct that many would consider inappropriate, especially in a presidential candidate, might not clearly rise to the level of actionable sexual harassment. The law requires that the conduct alleged be “severe or pervasive.” A woman who experienced only a few incidents of inappropriate language or innuendo, without any pinching, groping, or truly lewd behavior, might reasonably take a small settlement for fear that she can’t meet the legal standard. However, the legal standard doesn’t necessarily coincide with the standard we want public figures to adhere to.

      There are other plausible scenarios I could spin out, some favorable to the pro-Cain view and others not. But all of them are purely speculative.
      All I can say with confidence is that, without more, the fact that Cain’s employer settled the cases for $35,000 and $45,000 should not move anyone in the direction of concluding that the allegations against him – whatever they may have been – were true or that they amounted to sexual harassment.

      I probably would have expressed the same conclusion more strongly. Frankly, hard as this may be for many people to understand, $40,000 in the context of lawsuits is chump change. Amounts of this sort are constantly paid to people who had lousy claims, at best, and who were almost certainly lying. It is conceivable that someone, somewhere, could have had a valid claim against Herman Cain. But the fact that the National Restaurant Association paid amounts in that range to disaffected employees to get rid of them and obtain a release proves nothing. On the contrary, if anything, it suggests that the claims against Cain were either insignificant or false, or both.

      • stevefrisch says:

        This may be the silliest thing I have ever read.

        Yes, compared to lawsuits where the damage claims may be in the hundreds of thousands the amount may indicate that Cain is innocent; but comparing two complaints, and at least one other woman willing to step forward and say she was similarly harassed, to NO complaints, it sure looks bad. I guess it all depends upon what one compares to. I would posit we should compare to the norm, which is NO complaints.

        I have an idea, if Mr. Cain is so confident that he was wronged, how about he waives confidentiality and allows the women to speak?

      • RL Crabb says:

        We won’t know how valid any of these claims are until we get more information. The thing that is bothersome is the fact that there is more than one allegation, and that they seem to be unrelated to each other. It’s the same scenario as Clinton, and we know how that turned out.

        On the non issue of Cain’s seeming ignorance on China’s nukes, I believe he just misspoke. The press is making too much out of it.

      • stevefrisch says:

        Actually Bob, I kind of agree with you that we don’t really know anything, but the contention that he must be innocent because the pay out was so low is just ludicrous.

  55. It appears Enos has an obsession with Cain. Wow!

  56. steve enos says:

    No obsession Todd, just responding to the BS here about Cain. The Tea Party guy is toast!

    First it was Tea Party Buchmann, then Tea Party Perry, then Tea Party Cain… I wonder where thet Tea Party will jump ship to next… time wil tell.

  57. No Steve, we were not born yesterday. You have an obsession.

  58. Bob says:

    Oh now I get it! The new term. “An obsession”. Got it!

  59. steve enos says:

    Bob… you got it! Todd was the one that started up with the “an obsession” line. I just followed Todd’s lead. Todd’s a trendsetter!

    And I sure do like Barry’s thoughtful, intelligent, respectful, on topic, non-personal post… not. Just more of Barry’s high quality, can’t act like an adult, “winning” ways, just like Charlie Sheen. LOL

    • Barry Pruett says:

      I thought it was pretty funny, so yeah, it was thoughful. If we were to rank comments here in terms of adult or children, yours would be among the children. Like this one from Enos…”do you want to fight me?” I have had to respond to a comment like that since I was in the fifth grade. You lecturing me about respect is like me lecturing a dog about how to clean itself.

  60. Ben Emery says:

    Since the beginning of time politicians/ public figures have had affairs or so drunk with their perceived power exploited others in a sexual manner.

    It is none of our business what Herman Cain did x amount of years ago. If he was convicted of crime, yes, but if the women decided they would rather take money instead of pursuing justice it is settled business.

    The real issue is that Herman Cain has zero state campaigns in place and isn’t really running for president. The fact he is at the head of the pack shows how disconnected the republican field are from the American people.

    Ron Paul has my vote if he is on the ballot.

    • We actually agree on the Cain issue here.

      Regarding your view the Republicans are disconnected from the American people. You can’t be serious can you? Are you saying you are connected and the millions of Republicans aren’t? You see BenE, that is why liberals have no credibility with many people except among themselves. Republicans are as much a part of the American people as anyone and it appears they kicked butt last November in historic proportions. Even Ron Paul is a Republican and perhaps when you make your ridiculous statements about Republicans you should remember that.

  61. steve enos says:

    Barry… wrong again.

    What I offered you was to join me in a charity fund raising cage match. The offer still stands. Think of all the money we could raise for a good cause! I would like to give my share of the money to Hospice and you can pick your charity.

    So Barry… will you join me in a charity fund raising cage match?

  62. steve enos says:
  63. Ben Emery says:

    The reason for the landslide in 2010 wasn’t because the American voter stood and made a point. 42% voter turnout nationwide means 21% plus one of the people made their voices heard. What it showed is that whatever head of the two headed beast is in power no longer can govern in the peoples interest, which stirs the base of the other head and causes their base to stay home. What do we get? More of the same. If you could just take off your partisan goggles for even a second you would see it.

    Ron Paul is an outcast of the republican party because he stands up to the powers that be and that is why I will vote for him, its not about the party but about action. Republican party leadership doesn’t trust Ron Paul because they don’t control him. Ron Paul has consistently stood for his convictions and principals. I don’t agree with all of them but he is a person I could trust to do what he campaigns on. President Obama actions have proven I cannot trust him to stand up for and do what he campaigned on. Winning every issue isn’t what people are disappointed in it is the continuance of the Bush administration policies and the lack of backbone on any issue.

    Your insults get real old and it really doesn’t help your legitimacy at all.

    • What insults? Get a thicker skin if you want to debate politics.

      Paul is running as a republican, you are delusional if you can’t agree with that.

      Regarding the November vote. The world belongs to those that turn out.

      One thing I see as a constsant thread of thought from liberals is a world filled with disappointments and complaints. Boring.

  64. Ben Emery says:

    When didn’t I agree Paul wasn’t running as a republican? As for the insults, I’m still here aren’t I? They get very very tiring and don’t do anything constructive.

    The republican leadership and corporate media refuse to give Paul his rightful dues.

  65. List the insults here. You are dodging. Also, you make it clear you like Paul, a Republican and then criticize Republicans. It appears you are conflicted.

  66. Greg Goodknight says:

    I doubt Ben Emery would have many nice things to say about a President Ron Paul once the cuts hit the fan. The party leadership trusts him, they just don’t agree with him.

    Ben, you’re not a Republican in any way. Do the right thing, stay away from voting in the Republican Primary.

    I doubt Cain will survive his brouhaha. He’s a politician now, not a CEO. It’s close to becoming clear that he chased subordinate skirt when he had a chance and wasn’t gracious about taking “No” for an answer. And since the news hit the fan, he’s very probably lied about it at times. His numbers remain fairly high but if it plays out he has been lying about the baseless nature of the charges, that will change.

  67. Ben Emery says:

    Something to chew on.

    • Bob says:

      Ben you give me reason for optimism. If more people that think the way you do get together with Ron Paul then if he runs on a third ticket that would draw more votes off Obama. Go for it!

    • I have listened to him many times over the years. He is a registered Republican, so I am assuming you have changed your registration to R so you can vote for him? It all boils down to your ideological confusion. We all dislike war but there are times right needs to be defensed by “might”.

  68. Greg Goodknight says:

    “It is none of our business what Herman Cain did x amount of years ago. If he was convicted of crime, yes, but if the women decided they would rather take money instead of pursuing justice it is settled business.”

    Ben Emery, I didn’t realize you were that ignorant; taking the money *is* justice under civil law. You really were out of your league running for Congress.

  69. Bob says:

    As long as any accusers remain anonymous or unwilling to submit their assertions to scrutiny any target of their accusations will continue to benefit from it. This goes for either side. All you libs, including Politico, should calm down and take a breath. But I hope you don’t.

  70. Greg Goodknight says:

    Bob, Cain knows who the accusers are and that they are real people who got paid some amounts of cash to go away quietly. If the violate the confidentiality clauses, they are liable for legal action.

    Cain’s campaign has been running by the seat of their pants, and Cain chose bluster when the allegations began to surface. His story has been changing, with his early explanations being fairly tall tales… not one, but three. There were apparently no investigations finding the claims to be bogus. All were paid off. And where is Mrs. Cain on the matter?

    A competent campaigner would have understood any coverup would be worse than the original scandal.

    • Bob says:

      Just a little clarification to make your statement more accurate. They demanded and accepted some amounts of cash to go away.
      With respect to at least one confidentiality clause it no longer exists. Try to stay up on things will you.
      No one knows anything about what was done inside the NRA concerning these matters.
      The word “all” is commonly used when referring to more than two in which case the word “both” is used. Brush up on your English will you.
      I know, I know, Herman just refuses to let you rabid wolves at his wife. Hang in there, you’ll get your chance at her heels too.
      With the way this has unfolded all I can say is thank God he isn’t a competent campaigner.

      • Well said Bob. I try not to take all this to heart since there is so much BS being pushed. I think Cain is rather refreshing and when all is said and done, perhaps a good candidate.

      • Greg Goodknight says:

        The non-disparagement clause remains, as does Cain’s changing stories.

        I understand your pain, Bob, but this isn’t Clarence Thomas part deaux. The real Cain isn’t a great match with the Cain you imagine.

        Cain is a smart guy with lots of good business experience. If Repubicans can manage not to snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory, put Cain in as Commerce Secretary or some other spot where he can get some experience in government.

  71. It appears to me that Cain is not apolitician. If he was he would have had his wife at his side and telling us all it was only sex. But we don’t know anything and maybe we never will. O even gave Clinton the benefit of the doubt until he lied under oath. But hey, throw Herman under the bus, that is the “way”.

    • Greg Goodknight says:

      Todd, Cain threw himself under the bus. Whether or not he crawls back out before the bus starts moving is not yet determined.

      Yes, Cain is not a politician. He also isn’t terribly honest and we’ve probably seen what his tactic would be if caught by an inconvenient truth… he’ll lie and trash the other guy, or gal, if he thinks he can get away with it. It’s easier to do as a CEO than a holder of a constitutional office.

      • Bob says:

        Cain flip-flopped on Abortion.
        Cain Flip-Flopped on Chinese nukes.
        Cain flip-flopped on gay marriage.
        Cain flip-flopped on negotiating with terrorists.
        Cain lied, “flip-flopped” on sexual harassment.
        etc, etc., etc.
        He just keeps flipping himself from under the bus to back on top of the bus. And right now that bus seems to be breaking the speed limit.
        Since Cain isn’t a professional “credible” candidate he must be some kind of acrobat.

      • Greg Goodknight says:

        Not an acrobat, Bob, just Not Romney.

        You ain’t seen nothing yet. If hell freezes over and Cain gets the R nomination, the press will be going for blood. They’re just playing with him now.

      • Bob says:

        That’s the thing about you Greg. You always seem to get things backwards.

      • Greg Goodknight says:

        That’s funny, Bob. The press want Republicans to fight, that gives them something to write about. Once there is an R who will be running against the D, said R will have practically no friends outside Fox. There will be blood in the water with the sharks circling.

        Right now, they’re just warming up.

      • Bob says:

        I realize that you guys can always count on the lap dog media. All the Rs know that. The thing you guys may not have taken into account is that by watching Clinton and Obama, Cain may have figured out that you don’t have to be a good candidate. All you need is to be cool.

        And Guess What!

      • Hey I always thought I was cool! But a cool R will still be trashed by the lamestreamers.

      • Bob says:

        I am sorry but my “Guess what” got truncated and I had to leave.

      • Greg Goodknight says:

        “I realize that you guys can always count on the lap dog media.”

        Howls of derisive laughter, Bob. I’ve never had a lap dog media on my side (“Reason” isn’t much of a lapdog), and as far as I can tell, I’m not one of the “you guys” youse tinks I be.

  72. Greg, we will see.

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