Sue McGuire announces candidacy for First District Supervisor

News Release

Contact: Julie Johnson

Phone: 530 263 2060

Sue McGuire announces candidacy for First District Supervisor 

Nevada County Attorney Sue McGuire this morning announced that she is seeking the office of First District Supervisor for Nevada County.  She believes her deep roots in the community and two decades as an attorney in Nevada County have provided her with the love of the lifestyle here, and the experience that makes her perfect for the job.  Sue’s family has been actively involved in the county for six generations.

Sue’s first goal as county supervisor will be to ensure that Nevada County retains existing businesses and encourages new businesses that will provide jobs for Nevada County residents.  Given the economy and resulting job attrition in government, it is critical to provide an atmosphere that encourages private sector business.  Sue will review all regulations that may be a hindrance to this goal to determine what is working and alternatively, what needs to be changed.

McGuire was born and raised in Nevada County, as were her parents, Mel and Bonnie McGuire.  Mel was a self-employed trucker, hauling logs in the warmer months and refrigerated trailers cross-country in the winter.  Her mother was a homemaker and is an artist and writer.  Sue’s grandparents, Tom and Marie McGuire, moved to the area in the 1920s and owned apartments in Nevada City while Tom hauled equipment for the mines and local construction companies.  That included equipment and supplies for construction of the annex to the Nevada County Courthouse and for Nevada City Elementary School.

Sue’s maternal grandparents, Val and Lilly Belle Baima, began operating a local organic farm in the 1940s, long before anyone else pursued organic farming.  They received numerous local and state awards for excellence in agriculture.

Sue graduated from Nevada Union High School and immediately began working in local law offices, while eventually completing law school at night and opening her private practice in Nevada County in 1991.  She worked in the Nevada County District Attorney’s Office from 2003 to 2008, when she decided to return to her current private practice handling civil and criminal cases.

Sue has volunteered with the American Red Cross, including assisting in Louisiana during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and helped out at the San Francisco Rescue Mission.  She also served as an election official for three elections during the past decade and volunteered with Veteran’s Stand Down.  McGuire is a past local Board Member for Project Jump Start, Anew Day, and the Nevada County Tea Party Patriots.  She currently serves as a regular volunteer at Twin Cities Church and is a mentor attorney with the Nevada County Peer Court.

McGuire vows to meet with her constituents during her campaign and will continue that practice upon assuming duties as the First District Supervisor.  She plans meeting with community organizations, county staff, and city, state, and federal officials on a frequent and regular basis.

McGuire feels it is her patriotic privilege and duty to be a public servant in the community that she calls home.



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2 Responses to Sue McGuire announces candidacy for First District Supervisor

  1. steve enos says:

    I figure Nate Beason will not run for a third term. He will spend more time with his family after doing two terms.

    But, having a Tea Party candidate run in D1 will benefit the “lefty” person that will run against Sue McGuire. It’s D1 we are talking about. The Tea Party doesn’t play well in D1.

    Nothing personal against Sue McGuire, it’s just the political make up of D1.

  2. Barry Pruett says:

    Sue comes from a family that has been here six generations; she has lived here her whole life. She has volunteered for American Red Cross, Hurricane Katrina relief, San Francisco Rescue Mission, Veteran’s Stand Down, Project Jump Start, Anew Day and as an election official. In addition, most voters agree that the government must be fiscally responsible. It is a non-partisan message that resonates among the vast majority of voters.

    She will collaborate with the local chambers, voters, and cities instead of taking the “my way or the highway” approach which has become all too common of late. Sue is a fine “hometown” candidate and will bring accountability and responsive government to the BOS.

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