Oh My! Cain “taking unfair advantage” according to CNN

Russ Steele

Despite the claims of our local left that Cain if “done,” here are the latest polls taken after the current dust-up of sexual harassment claims.

(CBS News)
18% ~ Herman Cain (+3)
15% ~ Gingrich
15% ~ Romney

Single-digits: Perry – 8, Paul – 5, Bachmann – 4, Santorum – 2, Huntsman – 1

(Insider Advantage)
23% ~ Herman Cain (+4)
19% ~ Romney
15% ~ Gingrich
11% ~ Paul

Single-digits: Perry – 9, Bachmann – 5, Santorum – 3, Huntsman – 0

(Insider Advantage)
26% ~ Herman Cain (+7)
19% ~ Gingrich
16% ~ Romney (–10 behind Cain)

Single-digits: Perry – 6, Bachmann – 5, Paul – 3, Santorum – 2, Huntsman – 0


About Russ Steele
Freelance writer and climate change blogger. Russ spent twenty years in the Air Force as a navigator specializing in electronics warfare and digital systems. After his service he was employed for sixteen years as concept developer for TRW, an aerospace and automotive company, and then was CEO of a non-profit Internet provider for 18 months. Russ's articles have appeared in Comstock's Business, Capitol Journal, Trailer Life, Monitoring Times, and Idaho Magazine.

160 Responses to Oh My! Cain “taking unfair advantage” according to CNN

  1. steve enos says:

    I would love to see Cain run against President Obama in 2012, too bad that will never happen.

  2. So you would be voting for Cain

  3. Barry Pruett says:

    Last night, I listen to Congressman McClintock at one of his events, and he gave me even greater hope for the future of our nation. Our youth are decisively libertarians. They want the government out of social issues, yet demand fiscal responsibility from government and want government to have a limited role (tea party principles). For evidence look to Ron Paul supporters (even Ben Emery likes Ron Paul). The average age of Ron Paul’s legion is probably around 27 years old. Our kids have seen the error in liberal principles. The election of Obama was a “hope” that things would “change.” That did not work. Our kids want a balanced budget…the future is in our children’s hands, and I generally feel pretty good aboutg that.

  4. Russ says:


    Thanks for the report. We need some good news. Ron Paul only got 89 second out of the CBS run three hour debate. CBS actually conspired to keep Bachman in the back ground. I guess they put Ron Paul there also.

  5. stevefrisch says:

    For actual DATA on what young people think discriminating readers might want to go here instead of trusting anecdotal information:


  6. Barry Pruett says:

    Steve: The Pew Study confirms McClintock’s analysis. Thank you for posting.

  7. Hey Barry, do you think StevieF actually read it?

  8. John Stewart did a great piece on how Paul was being ignored… at the time it was when Bachman was being hailed for a great victory in a straw poll, ignoring the fact she only beat Paul by a few votes.

    If Paul was given coverage in an amount comensurate with his standing in the polls he’d be the one to beat. He’s the only candidate with a doctoral degree, active military service and a Washington outsider despite being in Congress for decades.

  9. Newt is coming on.

  10. RL Crabb says:

    Newt? You mean the guy who condemned Clinton as a philanderer while cheating on his wife? Newt the isolationist who helped Clinton to bail out Mexico and talked the GOP into the Bosnia war? Newt the climate change denier who was doing commercials saying the opposite just a year ago? Which Newt will you get?

    Face it, boys, this guy will say anything you want to hear to get your vote. Like my friend Dan P. told me recently, Newt was the class snitch in school. He was the brown-noser who always had his hand up in class…”Call on me. teacher, I know the answer!”

  11. Face it RL, Jesus Christ would not meet your criteria if he came back and announced. Sure Newt has his share of problems and many of us have not decided who we like from the pack but you people on the sidelines are just snipes and naysayers about most things in life. Isn’t politics about “compromise”? Isn’t that your mantra in screed after screed? Yep. So, when a politician does so you are harder on them then we partisans are for goodness sakes. I just shake my head about opinions such as yours. Churchill, FDR and Teddy Roosevelt would have never been leaders based on your screeds.

  12. RL Crabb says:

    Au contraire, Toddy. Purity has nothing to do with it. The reason people like Ron Paul is because he stands by by positions, whether anyone likes them or not. Candidates like Newt and Romney are shapeshifters who change their minds to fit whatever is popular at the moment. Newt in particular has the morals of a weasel.

    Republicans must be getting a bit nervous at this point in the campaign. After 300 debates there still is no clear frontrunner. Back in 1980, it was pretty much a given that Reagan would be the nominee, and President. He never waivered from the positions he held since his Goldwater speech. Only diehard liberals ever thought he would lose to the peanut farmer. This time around, there is no clear path to the White House. There is no Ronald Reagan.

  13. Sorry Bobinski, your political knowledge is in need of fine tuning. My last comment adequately exposes your lack of knowledge but when someone likes the middle of the road, both sides run over them. Ron Paul has some good points but his percentage of support has never really wavered since he started running back in 1988. That you would think he is the best candidate shows your ignorance of reality. I agree with some of Paul’s monetary pronouncements and state’s right’s but his foreign policy sucks.

    Newt was around for many years before the R takeover of Congress in 1994. I remember him doing those midnight speeches in the chamber, all alone, no one there except the camera. It PO’d the democrats so much they started panning the chamber (first time ever) to show the audience he was there by himself. What Newt did though was discuss many important issues which over time became the Contract and changed the way the Congress worked. You know, welfare reform and balanced budgets. So, you are just a naysayer about all the candidates except Paul which is fine. My original response to you Bobinski was right on the mark.

  14. RL Crabb says:

    You seem to forget, Odd Todd, that it was the Republican House of Representatives that gave Newt the boot after the impeachment debacle. And I never said that Paul had a huge following, just that he has a very loyal following because he sticks to his guns even if some of his ideas are a little crazy. Honesty does count for some people.

    It was Clinton’s ability to work with Republicans (and the tech boom) that brought about the years of prosperity. I’ll bet there are more than a few Democrats who wish that Hillary was President instead of the clueless Obama. Hillary learned a lot from her years in the White House and as a respected senator who knew how to work with the opposition. While some of that may have rubbed off on Newt, I don’t know that conservatives will trust him to deliver their agenda.

    And I’ll proudly stand with the growing percentage of voters who won’t fall for the endless BS spouted by the dinosaurs. It’s a purple country, fed up with talking points and distortions from hacks like you.

    I’m a one-man, one-vote, flying purple party eater. Boo!

    • Greg Goodknight says:

      “one-man, one-vote, flying purple party eater”. I love it. A hint of a character for 2012’s cartoons?

      Clinton didn’t learn to work with Republicans; Gingrich dragged the Clinton Administration to a balanced budget. The Clintons pretty much took credit, and, with an ability even their biggest supporters characterized as ‘lying effortlessly’, they did a great job, only telling whoppers they knew they could sell to the media.

      The “politics of personal destruction” was the Clinton’s applied Machiavellianism… if there are no disinterested independent observers, the people will take the results into account… so whenever there was an eruption with someone actually telling the truth, out pops the Carvilles of the country to trash them.

      No one ever was trashed by the press as relentlessly as Gingrich, and it took its toll. He’s a Republican I could hold my nose and vote for but I don’t know if he’d have a chance to get any California electors.

  15. Odd Bob, I see you are trying the typical liberal ploy of “I actually said this and you just didn’t understand my brilliance” when you are confronted with your own words. Come on Bobby boy, stick too your guns and stop wimping about what you said. Newt was run out of town by a really good political set of tricks (and a liberal media) and the weak kneed R’s in the House fell for it. Remember Newt’s book? Remember the “tantrum” on AF1? How about the fact the government worked in 1995-98 because Newt worked out Clinton’s vetoes to finally get a balanced budget and welfare reform, among other things? No Bobbinski babushka, you just can’t bring yourself to give a R any credit for anything and you call yourself non aligned. And I have a bridge in Arizona for sale.

  16. RL Crabb says:

    I stand in awe of your unflappable intellect, Todd. You are a shining example of why the Republican Party is doing so well in California. Keep on truckin’, dude.

  17. Why thanks Bob-o-link. You philosophy has controlled our state for fifty years and how is that working for ya?

    • Greg Goodknight says:

      Todd, I’ve had a chance to speak with RL over adult beverages a number of times, and he is emphatically not a “liberal” in the sense you’re using.

      • Well Greg, he relentlessly attacks me and calls names so I just don’t sit idly by and take his crap. I like his cartoons bit he seems to me to be a d***. So, I guess until he wants to buy me a drink and bury a hatchet (not in me though) I will simply give back my loving thoughts.

  18. steve enos says:

    Cain is going down faster and faster… it will continue. No surprise as he was never a real option for the R’s or for President. Now Cain says water boarding is not torture… John McCain just schooled Herman on that one.

    Here’s the latest about Cain’s downward crash. Obama polls higher than Cain and women voters are fleeing Cain in mass.


    So now Newt will go up for a bit, then what? No way Newt can run against Obama for so many reasons.

    So to recap… the Tea Party clan first supported TP Bachmann and then ran from her… then on to Perry until they bailed on him (So no more out of Dan Logue about how wonderful Perry is? Great job going to Texas to beg Perry to run Dan!). Then the Tea Party clan jumped to Cain… where next?

    Plus we have all the info getting out now about the Tea Party groups being money making scams for their “leaders”. Follow the money, where did it and does it go?

    So what’s next? Once again the Tea Party and extreme right have ended up being the best friened of Obama… as predicted. The Tuesday elections were a wake up call to the Tea Party and hard right… even the smarter R’s say so.

  19. Greg Goodknight says:

    Enos, Tuesdays elections went in the R’s favor everywhere but the Ohio referendum. D’s won’t be able to outspend R’s 3 to 1 next November, and had Kasich and Co. just left police and fire out of the first pass reform, they’d have nailed it,

  20. steve enos says:

    No Greg, the Tuesday elections did not all go to the R’s, less Ohio. Review the facts and listen to what the smart R’s are saying on Fox.

    • Greg Goodknight says:

      Sorry Steve, but the only two FN shows I watch are the weekend WSJ Report and Fox Snooze Sunday; I didn’t catch any smart guys agreeing with you there. You’ll have to be more specific.

  21. steve enos says:

    Clueless Cain on Libya… but you guys keep defending this clown as a viable choice for president!


    So who will the Tea party clan support next?

    First is was Tea Party Bachmann, then Tea Party Perry, then Cain… where to next?

    • Russ says:


      We all have hope and support those candidates that adhere to the Tea Party’s four principles. Yes, we are looking for the non-Romney. We are constantly looking for the best choice among the GOP Candidates, some are better than others, but that is what the current debate process is all about, to weed out the best. I would vote for a Navy Missilier or a C-130 Pilot before I would vote for the golf cart driver-in-chief.

      On the other hand, you have no hope, you are stuck with a pair of well creased golf pants, a teleprompter and sealed academic records, with a sycophant press willing to ignore his limitation, fallings, and gaffs. Oh yes, even with the sycophant press the voter are smarter than you think. Stay tuned, there is lots more to come.

  22. Sort of like your clown visiting 57 states eh?

  23. steve enos says:

    The following video of Cain clearly shows why this guy needs to go back to making pizza. So you guys have been saying how great Cain is over the last month or so and you guys defend him?

    No wonder the R’s are in total melt down. You will end up with Romney as the R pick as no other options come close to working.

    So this is the guy you say is ready to be President?:

    • Russ says:


      I am assuming that you think Obama was ready to be President. If he was ready to hit the ground running how come he did not accomplish more when he had the Democratic backing of the House and the Senate? He has taken to claiming that he has fulfilled 60 percent of his campaign promises from 2008. Really, let look at the facts

      The watchdog organization PolitiFact.com, which evaluates the veracity of politicians’ statements, has tracked 506 specific promises Mr. Obamamade during his victorious presidential campaign three years ago and concluded that he has fulfilled 151, or 30 percent. Add the campaign pledges on which Mr. Obama has compromised to get part of what he wanted, and his “mission accomplished” tally still rises to just 39 percent.

      Nonetheless, the president is telling supporters that he has worked three-fifths of the way through a checklist of initiatives that he keeps in his desk, making the pitch that he needs to be re-elected to finish what he started.

      Well that is going to be real hard with a Republican House and Senate. That is assuming the economy turns around and he gets re-elected. We all vote our wallets and right now those wallets are empty. All those college kids that support “The One” are unemployed and there is not enough money left in the US till to hire the rest of the art graduates, asian study graduates and all the other liberal arts graduates that do not have any salable skills. They too are going to vote their wallets, and so far he has not come up with any real solutions.

      Now to the issue of Cain being ready. He was slow and thought full gathering his thoughts to answer the question. He eventually got Libya right and the Newspaper editors were wrong, some federal agencies do have employees in Unions. They later admitted they were wrong. If you want to believe Cain is not ready, that is OK with me. If your liberal friend want to believe, that is OK with me. You are stuck with a guy who is brain dead without a TV screen of tele-prompter to read. That is OK with me.

  24. steve enos says:

    The Tea Party’s latest guy sure is a clueless clown:


    So where does the Tea Party go next? First it was Bachmann, then it was Perry, then they jumped on the Cain train… next stop for the Tea Party?

  25. stevefrisch says:

    On to the Newt—one wife too many, one angry outburst too many, one weird trip too many, one piece of jewelry too many, one wild attack on the press too many!

    I can’t wait!

  26. Todd Juvinall says:

    You libs think we care what you say about our candidates? Nope. It is our primary. You have yours, the one with the Che’ posters.

  27. Steven Frisch says:

    Nominate Newt!

  28. Here is your boy Che’ lovers.

  29. Here is some more for you Che’ lovers.

  30. steve enos says:

    Cain is not making “gaffes”.. Cain is clueless!

  31. Re-register as a R and then we might listen. Well, probably not. A liberal is always a liberal.

  32. From 2008 your bot Obama making a 38 second babble. Cain was just silent. What a hoot.

  33. Russ says:


    Thanks for posting the videos and making my point, Obama was no more ready to be president than they think that Cain is, You are not going to change the Steve’s minds with the facts, they deal in religious believes, and religious conversions are very difficult to wage over the Internet.

  34. Steven Frisch says:

    Really Russ…..I thought you were a man of faith.

  35. Barry Pruett says:

    Who is clueless? During his press conference in Hawaii this week, President Obama referenced being “here in Asia.” As Americans know, Hawaii was admitted to the Union on Aug. 21, 1959. It is neither part of Asia nor North America.

    But Hawaii is one of our “47 states.”

    • steve enos says:

      Barry,,, it was a “57 state” comment/slip President Obama made vs. your “47 state” comment as I do recall.

      • Barry Pruett says:

        You are absolutely right. Easy to mess up 47 or 57…especially when 50 is such a round, well-known number. LOL.

      • steve enos says:

        Barry, you really need to get it right when you try to do a “got-ya”…. LOL.

      • Barry Pruett says:

        Enos: That is kind of the point isn’t it? How many Americans would “slip” and say there are anything other than 50 states. It is the most common fact about the United States. It is like messing up who the first president was. Virtually every single American knows both facts (and they are on the very tip of their tongue) and really should be the biggest gaffe by a presidential candidiate ever…but Obama gets a pass from everyone.

  36. Greg Goodknight says:

    Frisch, I see you’re participating in this thread… I am still keen on hearing of the membership and donations trend at SBC. Up or down this year, and how much?

    • stevefrisch says:

      Greg, I gave you a pretty good primer on SBC’s financial position over at Rebane’s; whereupon Todd, who is too lazy to follow my directions and go to the CA AG web site and look at the 990’s, called me a liar.

      Our membership is up and our donations are up, but as I said, although we highly value our roughly 700–750 members and the advice, thought leadership and expertise they provide, their membership fees are a relatively small part of our finances.

      But then its hard to tell what you are keen on. As I recall, over there you were keen on my IRS filings, and were implying that SBC’s activities may not fit under IRS regulations, as you have insinuated before. I think I pretty thoroughly debunked that nonsense.

  37. steve enos says:

    News flash… the topic is Cain, not our current President. So you guys really think Cain is ready for the President job?

  38. -Do you think Obama should be re-elected and why? After watching the videos placed here, how in the world could you say a bad word or question the competence of any candidate in the race. Your constant drumbeat against the R’s allows the readers to see what a true partisan lefty is all about. No critical thinking about your guy shows everyone all they need to know about your point of view. Thank you for that.

  39. steve enos says:

    Once again… try to stay on topic.

    Exit question: So you guys really think Cain is ready for the President job?

    • Barry Pruett says:

      Todd does bring up a good, cogent point. Why should Obama be re-elected?

    • Russ says:

      Any Republican with business experience, including Cain and Romney can handle he Oval Office job better than the current occupant, who does not have a clue how private sector jobs are created. He never held one, or created one, in his whole life. He is totally clueless of the needs and challenges of small business, where as Mr Cain has a great deal of experience. Right now the greatest challenge of this nation is jobs, jobs, jobs. Obama just killed 20,000 jobs when he booted the oil sand pipe line down the road. I would rather have a job creator, rather than a job destroyer in the WH. What a about you?

  40. steve enos says:

    The topic of this story is Herman Cain (see above).

    So… it’s a real simple quesiton:

    Do you guys really think Cain is ready for the President job?

  41. steve enos says:

    So Russ, to be clear… you think Cain is ready for the President job. Correct?

    • Russ says:

      I said, any Republican business man is more ready than our current president. Cain is a business man, Romney is a business man, I guess you could call Gingrich a business man now since he is publishing books and videos, and has a production staff that he hired. The issue facing this nation is jobs. Any business man knows more about job creation and than the job destroyer currently holding the office.

      What is it that you do not understand? This is about the third time I have made my case for a president with a job creation back ground.

    • Do you think Obama is ready SteveE? Is that a yes?

  42. Bob says:

    Politicians promote government. The longer they are politicians the more they promote, facilitate and expand government. If you also rely on government as your primary provider you too benefit from expanded bloated government. If you are self subsistent and work in the private sector you do not benefit from larger government. As long as you continue to support insider politicians rather than private sector non-politicians you will continue to get exactly what you are supporting, promoting and voting for.

    So if you want something different than what you have had for decades, support something different.

    What part of that don’t you understand?

    • Greg Goodknight says:

      Unless the politician is Ron Paul, who is apparently in a four way tie for first in Iowa.

      • Bob says:

        Oh agree Ron Paul would definitely be the exception to the rule. It isn’t that I disagree with him. It’s just that I don’t know if I am ready to call the bluff of every nuke holder on the globe right at this time. Some of these guys are as wacko as Paul. And again, that is where the “politician” is in a different position than the private sector.

        Paul wouldn’t be the exception in that case.

  43. steve enos says:

    So Russ says Cain is ready for the President job… that’s very telling.

    Having Cain’s hands on the red phone and “the button” would be just fine with Russ… yikes!

    • Russ says:


      Is this presidential candidate ready for the job? Barack Obama thinks that Hawaii is in Asia?

      • stevefrisch says:

        Actually I do think of Hawaii, and to only a slightly lesser extent California, as a gateway to Asia. We are as much a part of the Asian-Pacific economy as the North American economy, and many of our markets, cultural ties and trade looks there. Hawaiian connections to Asian markets, particularly for tourism, is the fastest growing area of the Hawaiian economy. 42% of Hawaii’s population is of Asian or Polynesian origin. He was, after all, at the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit.

      • Barry Pruett says:

        Steve Frisch: I like you, but your previous post is complete and utter rhetoric…Gateway? You are defending the indefensible. “Hawaii is in Asia”…”There are 57 states”…Obama cannot even regurgitate basic American knowledge. A fourth grader would not mess up how many states there are?! You also miss the big picture. If Sarah Palin or Rick Perry or Herman Cain said “Hawaii was in Asia” or “there are 57 states,” you and Enos and the rest of the extereme left would be screaming to high heaven.

      • stevefrisch says:

        Sorry Barry, you will note that I most pointedly did not defend or try to explain away the ’57 state’ comment, so please don’t hang that one on me. I was merely pointing out that the Hawaiians themselves often describe themselves as Asian.

        I’m sorry that I think there is a big difference between a comment like Obama’s Asia comment and not being able to remember your talking points about Libya because you are not interested enough in foreign policy to be following it, or not being able to name the third cabinet level agency you want to eliminate. I was listening to the debate at the time and I was in the background saying “energy…..he means energy….you know the agency that deals with one of the most critical issues of our time”. You guys are grasping at straws here. Perry is a slow witted and Cain is not knowledgable enough.

      • Barry Pruett says:

        “Perry is a slow witted and Cain is not knowledgable enough.” Yo are not going to get an argument out of me about that! LOL. My point is that one does not need a talking point to know that there are 50 states or that Hawaii is not in Asia. My personal opinion is that, while Obama can deliver a speech, he shares Perry’s wit and Cain knowledge.

      • I wonder if the left, the Stevies and his ilk, would like to see the Hawaiians independence effort succeed?

  44. Bob says:

    Thanks Steve. Case in point. Does it make more sense to have a politician’s finger on “the button” or does it make more sense to have someone’s finger that has lived in the private sector most of their lives with their finger on “the button”.

    This may take a little logic. So don’t rush yourself!

  45. RL Crabb says:

    Since you all seem to think I’m putting words in Republicans’ mouths, check out today’s Flashreport. (I know you all read it.) Seems the Newtster isn’t exactly getting rave reviews from the right field bleachers of the peanut gallery.

  46. I am sure if we were all under the microscope and our private lives were revealed to the public we would be a but embarrassed. I bet you did some things you may be ashamed of as have the rest of us. I think the American people like a rogue more than they will admit in a pll. Hell, if Jesus ran they would call him a booze salesman for making wine out of water!

  47. RL Crabb says:

    The more I look at the field of candidates, the more I believe that most of them are jockeying for the VP spot on the ticket. It’s a fact that the past four presidents have chosen no. two’s who appear to be somewhat unhinged. A good insurance policy against assassination.

  48. Russ says:


    I agree, Biden is certainly providing that kind of protection for Obama, and Agnew certainly did for Nixon and Al Gore for Clinton.

  49. steve enos says:

    The one that took out the best “insurance policy” ever was John McCain in the last Presidential election.

  50. steve enos says:

    So what next? Add this latest one to Tea Party Cain and the Koch brothers non-profits illegally using non-profit funds for Cain’s campaign:


    WASHINGTON – A political action committee formed by Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain to help GOP contenders in the 2010 elections raised more than $220,000 but donated only $2,000 to the party’s candidates last year, federal election records show.

    The rest of the money was spent on private air travel, hotel bills and restaurant tabs across the country, including more than $8,000 in Las Vegas alone. In many cases, the spending was tied to political events in which Cain was a featured participant, such as a July 2010 Right Online conference in Las Vegas.

    • The Koch brothers scare the crap out f liberals/socialists because they are foiling the left’s takeover of the country. Thank goodness the Koch Brothers put their money into these freedom causes.

  51. steve enos says:

    The Koch Brothers put some of their money into non profits that have funded Cain’s campaign in an illegal manner, in violation of non-profit rules… even the non profit being busted for this says they did it.

    Just add this to the breaking story about the real mis-use of Cain’s sham super PAC. LOL!

  52. steve enos says:

    More from Cain…

    During a recent speech Cain criticized President Barack Obama for canceling the space shuttle program…. say what Herman?

    Herman, get informed before you speak!

    Fact is it was a decision made by President George W. Bush, not President Obama.

    “I can tell you that as president of the United States, we are not going to bum a ride to outer space with Russia,” Cain said to loud applause. “We’re going to regain our rightful place in terms of technology, space technology.”

    Herman, Herman, Herman… it was GW Bush that canceled the space shuttle program!

    Go Cain! LOL

    • America is still a great place even though people like Steve Enos trash it and its people at every moment. Cain is a success story and losers from the left can’t hack it.

  53. steve enos says:

    Yep.. as Cain claimed… Obama killed off the space shuttle program… not!

    More Charile Sheen “winning”!

  54. steve enos says:

    Oh my Cain!… So how is Tea Party Cain doing now?

    Seems he is ready to bail as word is out about his 13 year long affair!

    Time for you guys to say you are sorry for all your BS personal attacks on the other women that had the spine to stand up and tell the truth about Cain and what he really is about.

    So what next? Time for the Tea Party to back Newt?

    The R’s are so screwed, no real candidate to run against Obama!

  55. steve enos says:

    So Todd… what next?… I mean who next?

    You can’t go with Newt or Romney.., the flip-flop boys… you have no one to run against Obama!

    Plus the latest polling clearly shows the Tea Party is tanking as are the ultra right clowns they helped get elected in the last election. The Tea Party is over!

  56. steve enos says:

    Russ, you really need to up date your “On my Cain’!

    Seems Herman’s “friend” has provided direct proof to the media that she was a lot more than a “friend”… Cain is not telling the truth… so much for the latest Tea Party guy!

    • Randy Hansen says:

      As I do news I like facts not fiction so if Herman Cains accuser has proof of infidelity then what media has proof and why hasn’t the general public seen this proof??

      Another quip thats interesting is that because Herman Cain speaks at Tea Party events the left has ordained him a Tea Party Patriot. Being as the Tea Party is not a political party what are you trying to say?

      Well lets see…Fiscal Responsibility stinks, Limited Government Stinks, Answer to the people stinks, Free Market stinks. If that is your feelings then I understand where your coming from.

      I was a fan of President Clinton and I’m a fan of Herman Cain

      If the alegations are true with Herman Cain that is sad but it really just proves he is human.

  57. Bob W says:

    Steve, you just don’t get it. Yes Herman did have a 13 year relationship with this woman. But he claims he didn’t inhale. And as you have to admit, that makes him a great candidate.

  58. That was good Bob! Enos never has a bad thing to say about his one term President’s policies and his views on any republican are moot anyway. Hillary will be their candidate anyway, I expect Obama to step aside.

  59. steve enos says:

    News flash Todd… Obamna wil not be a one term President… thanks to the TEa PArty and the clown fest that is the group looking to be the R’s pick to run against President Obama.

    So who will the Tea Party jump ship to next?

  60. RL Crabb says:

    Let’s imagine that Herman was a Democrat and all these women came out of the woodwork. Maxine Waters, Michael Moore, and the rest of the crew would be screaming about the “racist attack” on the black man by a bunch of white trash bimbos looking for book deals. As it is, all they can do is laugh and ridicule. The usual double standard.

  61. Bob W says:

    Way too early for any serious speculation. Take a huge deep breath. We actually don’t even know who will end up under consideration for the nomination during the convention yet.

  62. steve enos says:

    Seems Russ needs to do a Cain update!

    I bet… Herman will return home to his wife on Friday for the first time since the latest “news” came out. On Sunday Cain will say he is out of the race. He will say it’s all been lies and it’s too hard on his family and he will blame the lib media.

    Hey Herman… why did you have a 13 year relationship with this woman, give her money, fly her around to events with you and you never told your wife about her? So she was a close “family friend” that you kept hidden from your wife for 13 years?

    Cain would not know the truth if it came and bit him on his ever growing nose.

    So now Tea Party Cain will go away… who will the Tea Party jump to next?

    Gotta be hard being an “R” these days considering the clown act the primary has been.

    Go Newt!

  63. steve enos says:

    Here’s a good one:

    “Herman Cain acknowledged Thursday that he repeatedly gave Ginger White money to help her with “month-to-month bills and expenses” without telling his wife.

    In fact, the embattled presidential candidate said, his wife, Gloria, “did not know that we were friends until she (White) came out with this story.”

    So Herman had an on going “friendship” for 13 years and he never told his wife. Guess it just slipped his mind!

    So this was the latest clown the Tea Party supported? Let’s see, the TP ran from Bachmann and Perry and now Cain… who’s next for the Tea Party?

    Go Newt!

  64. steve enos says:

    Tea Party Cain is a total joke!

    ATLANTA (AP) — Herman Cain is still campaigning for president. But by most measures, his White House bid is all but over.

    His standing in polls is cratering. Supporters are wavering if not fleeing. Fundraising is suffering.

    And, these days, the former pizza company executive is less a serious candidate than the butt of late-night comedy jokes after a string of accusations of sexually inappropriate behavior and, now, an allegation of a 13-yearlong extramarital affair.

    “His chance at winning the presidency are effectively zero,” said Dave Welch, a Republican strategist who worked on both of John McCain’s presidential bids.

    And Republican strategist Kellyanne Conway said: “It’s the daily dose of the wince-and-cringe factor that leaves people wondering what could be coming next,”

    As it has since Ginger White stepped forward Monday, the allegation of an affair overshadowed Cain’s campaign for another day Thursday, when he told the New Hampshire Union Leader that his wife, Gloria, did not know he was providing the 46-year-old Atlanta-area businesswoman with money for “month-to-month bills and expenses.”

    And, Cain said, his wife also didn’t know of what he called a friendship with White until she said publicly that she had a casual 13-year affair with Cain that ended about eight months ago.

  65. Todd Juvinall says:


    • steve enos says:

      Sorry Todd, the sound of crickets is from you guys that defended Cain and kept posting how wonderful he is.

      Enjoy eating your crow! LOL!

  66. steve enos says:

    Note to Bachmann (the former Tea Party favorite)… the U.S. closed down our embassy in Iran 30 years ago… we do not have an embassy in Iran… Duh!

  67. She issued a statement you just overlooked the hypothetical of her point.

  68. steve enos says:

    You bet Todd… and the dog ate my homework.

  69. Bob W says:

    Sometimes I wonder if these scandals are the main thing that keeps Herman in the news! It seems the public finds it interesting. Imagine how interesting it would be if Herman’s mega lawyer bored in on who it was that convinced these accusers it was such a great idea to go public. But then for some reason the first set just up and disappeared. Go figure!

  70. steve enos says:

    Now friends of the Herman and his wife are talking… ooops! Seems they have a lot to say that backs up the woman that have come forward.

    So now what for the R’s?

    Perry can’t even figure out what day of the week it is, Bachmann is a bad joke, Herman is soon gone, some of the Tea Party clan are now supporting Ron Paul, Newt is a train wreck and you seem to hate Romney… P.S. Newt and Romney are major flip-floppers FYI.

    And what happens if the economy and job market keeps getting better?

  71. Randy Hansen says:

    What I have seen on many blogs is a great fear that someone like Herman Cain who was not a career politician might become our President. A fear so great that people jumped out of the woodwork with these stories that just seemed to all surface after a huge poll jump. Ever wonder why most of the accusers are from Chicago? Ever wonder that the harassment charges didn’t all involve sexual issues but one was about how tall a woman was. Any charges involving a man and a woman are deemed sexual harassment not “gender harassment”.

  72. Greg Goodknight says:

    Sorry, folks, but this is what happens when you have political newbies running for high office. Skeletons in closets never before opened have a talent for seeking the light of day.

    Cain is over. He’s a smart guy who sold a lot of pizzas but he’ll not be winning any elections in 2012. Maybe not ever; he’s shown his first tactic is to lie and smear the person coming forward… sorry, but it takes a friendly press corps to get away with that one.

    • Russ says:

      Maybe Cain thought that all blacks get a free press pass. I guess it is only liberal blacks that get a pass from the press, or maybe just all liberal candidates regardless of heritage.

      • Greg Goodknight says:

        He got a pass for awhile, he was a good story. Sold newspapers, delivered eyeballs to broadcast and web media. But then the peccadilloes became the story.

        999 wasn’t ready for prime time, either.

  73. Bob W says:

    Honestly, the best part of this is you Steve. Every time I read another one of your comments on Cain the Rs or the Tea Party people I crack up. I wish all the registered Rs were as obsessed with this as you. I’m not suggesting you stop. I really am getting a kick out of you.

  74. steve enos says:

    Bob W… I’m happy to bring joy to your life! The R’s need some now considering the mess you are all in regading a candidate to run against President Obama in 2012.

  75. steve enos says:

    Cain will pull out this weekend. He will say it’s all untrue, that it was a lib media hit job. Once again Cain will lie, just like he did to his wife over the last 13 years.

    So where does the Tea Party go next? Why are you R’s here no longer defending Cain as a great guy, one ready to be President?

    A Des Moines Register poll released Friday showed Cain’s support plummeting, with backing from 8 percent of Republican caucusgoers in Iowa, down from 23 percent a month ago.

    The embattled candidate was meeting with his wife face to face for the first time since White stepped forward this week.

    Cain has denied the allegation, even as he has acknowledged what he called a friendship with the woman that included payments for what he said was financial hardship, “month-to-month bills and expenses.” He has said his wife didn’t know of his connection to White.

  76. Bob W says:

    Steve, the sad thing is that puts the whole country in a mess.

  77. steve enos says:

    It’s crazy that the R’s have no one in the current group that can give President Obama a run for his money.

    It’s a freak show.

  78. Bob W says:

    Not nearly as freakish as a President that never had a girl friend. Now that’s freakish!

  79. Greg Goodknight says:

    Rasmussen has Gingrich 45%, Obama 43% in a hypothetical matchup. Sorry, Enos, it’s a competitive race. Even the OWS have turned against Obama, not that they’ll be a factor in 11 months. Maybe they’ll show up at the Democratic Nat’l Convention to make sure they’re heard.

  80. Randy Hansen says:

    After all this there is one thing certain. If Obama wins we will be paying $10.00 for a loaf of bread

  81. steve enos says:

    Bye-Bye Cain… now he’s off to his “Plan B”. Guess his “women for Cain” website and group he started yesterday didn’t work out.

    So where does the Tea Party clan go next? The TP ran from Bachmann and Perry and now Cain.

    I pray that Newt is selected by the R’s to run against President Obama… but that won’t happen.

    The R primary has been a train wreck! Nice work guys, is this all the R’s have to offer?

  82. Bob W says:

    No Mitt
    No Bachmann
    No Cain
    And now Steve says no Newt.
    So who will it be Steve?

    • steve enos says:

      Bob… I would LOVE to see Newt be the R’s choice to run against President Obama!

  83. Greg Goodknight says:

    It’s amazing how folks are treating the primaries as being almost over when they’ve not even begun. This is all just posturing after the bugle sounded Call to the Post.. Not a single vote has been cast.

    I expect there’s a few R’s in the field that could beat O. If the left pulls him too far over, most of the R’s now running could win.

    OWS needs to keep the Dems feet to the fire. Plan on a big campout at Charlotte.

  84. So right Greg. No votes yet, field is very open. This time in 2008, Rudy was in first McCain in last. Obama was next to last. The Enos is too funny.

  85. steve enos says:

    Cain who?

    Now Romney and Newt will attack each other as the D’s sit back and smile.

    So now that Cain is ay last gone where will the Tea Party run to next? BAck to Bachmann, nope…back to Perry, nope, maybe the TP will go to Newt next.

    I sure hope Newt is the one picked to run against President Obama, it will insure Obama’s effort to be re-elected.

    The R’s primary has been a tragic train wreck!

  86. steve enos says:

    The R’s clown fest continues!

    Newt Gingrich emerged from his meeting today with Donald Trump defending the real estate developer-reality TV show star.

    Gingrich is the only GOP presidential candidate to agree to take part in a debate Dec. 27 in Iowa moderated by the host of NBC’s The Apprentice. Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul rejected the invitation, making clear they believe such a debate won’t be a serious one with Trump posing the questions.

    Paul’s campaign said Trump’s participation would “contribute to an unwanted circus-like atmosphere.” Huntsman decried the “show business over substance” aspect during an appearance this morning on Fox News.

    “I’m not going to kiss his ring or kiss any other part of his anatomy,” Huntsman said about Trump.

    Gingrich said he was “very surprised” one of his “friends” in the GOP field would say a Trump-moderated debate would be a circus.

    This morning, Trump kept up his criticism of Paul and Huntsman, calling them “joke candidates” in an interview on NBC’s Today show. Trump told USA TODAY’s Jackie Kucinich that he’s keeping his options open and might run as an independent if the GOP nominee is someone he believes “can’t win.”

    So Trump is saying he might run if need be… what a side show the R’s primary has turned into.

    Go Newt!

  87. RL Crabb says:

    It’s amazing how much resistance there is to a Newt nomination coming from the Republicans, and in particular those who served under his speakership in the nineties. The interviews I saw with Susan Molinari, Joe Scarborough, and Tom Coburn were less than enthusiastic. And George Will’s column sounded more like something you’d hear from a left wing radical. The beat goes on !

  88. Not a vote cast yet.

  89. steve enos says:

    Now we see Newt hooked up with Trump!

    The R primary is a freak show of clowns!

  90. Bob W says:

    I had been thinking that moving these primaries up so far was a terrible idea. Now I am thinking it may not be such a bad thing.

  91. RL Crabb says:

    I used to think a national primary was the answer too, but I’ve since changed my mind. Most of the candidates start off with very little cash to get their message out and pay for travel costs to meet voters face to face. A national election would make the distance between voters and candidates even greater.

    Even so, the current primary system is WAY out of whack, with states jockeying to be the first. The parties need to get control, and cancel out the votes of states that cross the line. Maybe some regional “Super Tuesdays” would help.

  92. steve enos says:

    An 8 year old boy just showed how screwed up Bachmann is:


    The former Tea Party choice for President was just out classed by an 8 year old boy. The hard right is going down as folks are no longer sitting back and letting the hard right clan drive the direction of our Country.

    • Bob W says:

      Poor Steve. Let me help you out here you sick little —————–.

      Sick is having your 8 tear old confront and adult about homosexuality. But then I am not surprised that you don’t get that.

      • steve enos says:

        No Bob… the kid was brave and Bachmann got slapped hard and could not even respond.

        Bachmann for President?… you gotts be joking!

        The R’s are in melt down and all they have to offer to run against President Obama are clowns!

      • Bob W says:

        “Clowns”, “Freaks” Talk about the pot calling the kettle names?

        Get help!

        Maybe you and Thornton can get a twofer.

  93. steve enos says:

    Two thumbs up to Huntsman and Paul for telling Trump the clown at take a hike. Too bad a few other the R’s got on board the Trump clown show.

    So this is what the R’s are offering America? What a sad joke this all is.

  94. Obama’s speech in Texas, oops, Kansas yesterday would make a communist proud. How that buffoon fooled so many people scares the hell out of me.

  95. steve enos says:

    So were does the Tea Party go next… to Newt?

    First Bachmann, then Perry, then Cain… now where?

    The R primary is a freak show of clowns!

  96. Todd Juvinall says:

    The clown Obama was something else in Kansas yesterday (he actuallt said Teax then regrouped, that was left out of the transcript). I read the transcript, a very long speech, Yawn, and I must say, he would be a better leader for the North Koreans or the Albanians of the 70’s. He is an ignoramus and I only hope he keeps spewing the socialist crap because it will be a cakewalk with any of our candidates.

  97. steve enos says:

    Todd is sooooooooooo funny… “a cakewalk with any of our candidates”… more Charlie Sheen wishful “winning”.

  98. Bob W says:

    Steve, Steve, Heads up. Some female staffer of Newt’s just announced that she performed a sex act on Newt in 1977 while he was married to his first wife. What a clown! What a freak!

    You need to stay up on these guys better.

  99. steve enos says:

    Go Newt!

    Under scenario one if Romney or former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman won the nomination the Republican would find himself with 223 electoral votes in the safe, likely or lean Republican category, compared to 192 in the safe, likely or lean Democratic category for Obama. The winner would need to draw from 123 electoral votes in 10 states considered tossups.

    Under scenario two, Gingrich or another staunch conservative would be in a noticeably weaker position. In this scenario, the GOP nominee could count on 191 electoral votes in safe, likely and lean Republican states, while Obama could count on 237 electoral votes in safe, likely and lean Democratic states. Nine tossup states with 110 electoral votes would decide the winner.

    Bottom line: As things stand today, choosing a more conservative candidate than Romney as the GOP nominee throws 32 electoral votes from the Republican column to the tossup column, and 45 electoral votes from tossup into the Democratic camp

  100. Bob W says:

    Steve, I wasn’t paying attention at the time. Tell me what your calculations were in 2010.

  101. Bob W says:

    Oh you are brilliant!

    Now show us all how disingenuous and dependent you really are by telling us how much income you stand to lose if Obama is not reelected.

  102. steve enos says:

    Bob… none is the amount. None of my income comes from the government, I work in the private sector. Got it?

  103. Bob W says:

    Got It? Are you kidding me? There isn’t anything you will ever be capable of to keep me from considering you nothing but a wimp!

    Thanks for letting us all know just how disingenuous you really are.

  104. steve enos says:

    Bob, stop the personal insults and name calling and post about the topic. You asked a question and I responded to yo.ur question.

    The “Got it” first came from Todd, he likes to use it sometimes so I statrted using it sometimes too… Got it?

  105. Bob W says:

    “Got It” is intended to be an insult. Problem is I don’t give anyone the significance to insult me. If you are insulted by me or anyone else than that is of your making, no one else.

    As for stopping anything. Sorry, but I don’t respond to people telling me what to do.

    Since you attempt to influence how people perceive what is happening in our country I think it is important that we all know that you aren’t proud of how you acquire income and how disingenuous you are about it.

  106. steve enos says:

    Bob.. I responded to your question and posted that none of my income comes from the government, is there some part of that you don’t understand?

    So Russ, Todd, Barry, George, you and others also “attempt to influence how people perceive what is happening in our country”. So you want to know how I make a living, what about these folks too? Anyone getting social security or health care coverage for being a former County Supervisor, or any other benefits paid by taxpayers?

    As I responded… none of my income comes from the government or the taxpayers, I work in the private sector. Try to get back on topic please.

    Hey Russ… you have any standards here on this blog?

  107. Bob W says:

    Steve, your attempted smoke screen is failing. The only thing you are accomplishing is further disclosure of your disingenuous underhanded tactics to hide your embarrassment.

    The question wasn’t about what you receive in the form of a government check but rather what you stand to lose if Obama does not get reelected. This is clear for everyone to see and the anxiety displayed in your attempt to divert by involving others has furthered the implication of your culpability. This is often the case when one is disingenuous.

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