Are You Wondering About COP-17 Activities in Durban, South Africa?

Russ Steele

Here is what Shayne Robinson from Greenpeace report they are doing, vis KQED Climate Watch.

Sun: Activists wasted no time in creating iconic images for the conference (see photo).

Mon: Expectations are set at “Low” for the 17th Conference of the Parties. Reid Detchon, VP of Energy and Climate for the UN Foundation, calls them “a transition phase.” There’s a dawning acceptance that the original concept for an agreement, modeled on the Montreal Protocol, which has worked well for reducing ozone-depleting gases, isn’t gonna fly for the climate issue.

Tue: “Substantive negotiations” begin after two days of preliminary activity. Environmental groups and shipping companies make a joint call for action at the summit to address stack emissions from merchant ships (currently reported to be about three-percent of total emissions).

Wed: 16 NGOs hold news conference to bash the US for not playing well with others, and urge the US “to not stand in the way.” Nations have trouble agreeing on arrangements for a Green Climate Fund to help developing countries reduce emissions and cope with climate impacts. If you’re playing catch-up with this concept, Reuters has a handy backgrounder. The US and Saudi Arabia appear to be the major obstacles.

Thu: NGO’s raise concerns that proposed changes to Brazil’s forest regulations might keep it from meeting its own emissions goals.

Fri: Major emitters essentially bigfoot the EU’s proposal for a climate roadmap to replace the expiring Kyoto treaty. The idea is floated of abandoning a new treaty in favor of a non-binding agreement.

Sat: Thousands march through the streets of Durban, demanding faster progress toward some kind of meaningful, coordinated climate action. The marchers may have been moving forward but as Tasneen Essop, head of climate strategy for the WWF put it, “After six days of talks, we seem to be moving backward, not forward.”

Here is what they are really doing:


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2 Responses to Are You Wondering About COP-17 Activities in Durban, South Africa?

  1. It is all about the partys. we know that. All these folks of a like mind to suck off the teet of government are there and we are paying for it. What a scam.

    • D. King says:

      Hey Mary Nichols , send some carbon tax money, we’re running out of booze.
      We need to refule this PAR-TAY. Whoo Hoo!……. Yeah!

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