Do you believe this poll – California wants more taxes?

Russ Steele

The Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert has the story: Majority supports Jerry Brown’s tax plan, poll finds

 A new poll shows 60 percent of California voters, weary of state spending cuts and unsettled by the prospect of more, are ready to support Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to raise taxes.

The Public Policy Institute of California poll, released Monday, is the first public measure of voter opinion about Brown’s tax initiative since he announced it this month.

Brown plans to ask voters in November 2012 to temporarily increase the state sales tax and to impose higher income taxes on California’s highest-earners, raising $7 billion annually for five years.

PPIC is a bit on the liberal side and they have slanted their question to get the desired results in the past. They may have done the same again.

The questions are:

  • Do you agree with Governor Brown’s new taxes?
  • Do you think once the taxes are approved, will they ever expire.

Prop 23 Update: Waste Connections leaving CA for TX

Russ Steele

The trash company headquartered in Folsom are heading for Texas with 200 jobs according to NBC Channel 3 news update this morning. They were great supporters of the community, and  it will be sad day for many non-profits in the region according to KFBK reporter.

State legislature has made doing business in California too costly, according to one company executive. It makes more economic sense to move to Texas.

When will the useful idiots in Sacramento get the message, they are killing California economy with regulations?