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Russ Steele

Our local lefty blogger proudly posted this bit of crap from Grist in responses to the Gleick vs Heartland criminal action:

Here is the reality on the funding disparity:

H/T to Watts Up With That for Josh’s graphic. Yes which makes the most sense?

With the truth on your side it takes a lot less money to make your case. The Heartland team was making huge strides in bring climate change truth to the public. That is why they were attacked by an un ethical scientist who could not make a scientific case against Heartland scientist, so he resorted to the typical progressive tactic — ignore the facts, attack the messenger.

Opening Door to More Climate Change Fraud Investigations?

Russ Steele

John O’Sullivan has the story: Climate Criminal Peter Gleick and James Hansen in Racketeering Probe?

FBI agents are urged to grill others linked to self-confessed climate criminal, Dr. Peter Gleick in the ‘Fakegate’ climate counterfeiting scandal. Evidence now points to NASA’s Dr. James Hansen as accomplice in global warming racket. 

Dr. Peter Gleick resigned last Thursday as chairman of the American Geophysical Union’s Task Force on Scientific Ethics. Ross Rice, an FBI agent and spokesman from the Chicago field office confirmed an FBI probe is under way, “We are currently working with the [Heartland] institute and the U.S. Attorney’s office in Chicago.”

Climate criminals seem to gravitate to the AGU with circumstantial evidence now tying Gleick, Hansen and the AGU in a climate conspiracy. 

Dr. Gleick’s rapid fall from grace has mired other top tier climatologists in what may become a full-blown wire fraud and RICO racketeering investigation by federal authorities. Leading critics are sure that the elements of 18 USC 1343 appear already met under admitted facts.

Questions will now need to be asked about AGU’s role in enabling Hansen make a notorious presentation to Congress on June 23, 1988; all thanks to a dubious ‘peer-reviewed’ paper of his that AGU brusquely shoehorned through. 

You can read the rest of the story HERE. However, I have serious doubts that the FBI will be dumb enough to step in to the Hansen cow pie.  If they start down that road, it will open the door to all the other AGW fraud. There are billions and billions of dollars in play and to access the money, scientist had to profess to be seeing solutions to problem that did not exist. If they, in fact knew the problem did not exist, then they were perpetuating fraud. I predict the FBI will not go beyond the Gleick investigation.  Too much money involved.

We Have Lost A Great Conservative Voice for the Truth

Russ Steele

Woke up this morning to learn that Andrew Breitbart had passed way last night at 43 from natural causes, according to the news reports he had heart problems. More details HERE.

Andrew left an indelible mark on how news should be reported — the truth.  He will be missed by every conservative. Those who bend the truth in government and business will have a short respit from looking over their shoulders until a replacement emerges.

Our prayers are with Andrew Breitbart’s family.

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