Monckton’s Schenectady showdown

Russ Steele

If your ever wondered why the global warmers will not debate the issue with knowledgable observers like Lord Monckton?  Here is a clear example posted at Watts Up With That, in a well written essay by Justin Pulliam. Long essays can be a boring pain, but this one reads more like a detective story.  Enjoy!

Monckton’s Schenectady showdown | Watts Up With That?.

Monckton vanquishes Union College “Greens too yellow to admit they’re really Reds

Guest post by Justin Pulliam

Attendees listen to Monckton’s speech at Union College.

THE NEWS that Lord Monckton was to give his “Climate of Freedom” lecture at Union College in Schenectady, New York, had thrown the university’s environmentalists into a turmoil. The campus environmentalists set up a Facebook page announcing a counter-meeting of their own immediately following Monckton’s lecture. There is no debate about global warming, they announced. There is a consensus. The science is settled. Their meeting would be addressed by professors and PhDs, the “true” scientists, no less. Sparks, it seemed, were gonna fly.

Traveling with Lord Monckton on the East Coast leg of his current whistle-stop tour of the US and Canada, I was looking forward to documenting the Schenectady showdown. I have had the pleasure of listening to His Lordship at previous campus events. He is at his best when confronted by a hostile audience. The angrier and more indignant they are, the more he seems to like it.

The Union Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) sponsored the lecture, which was video streamed by (where a video recording is available). The afternoon of the event, Lord Monckton appeared on the CFACT leaders’ hour-long weekly show on the Union College radio station. As a result, that evening 200 people packed a campus lecture theater to hear Lord Monckton speak.

As they filed in, Lord Monckton was chatting contentedly to a quaveringly bossy woman with messy blonde hair who was head of the college environmental faction. Her group had set up a table at the door of the auditorium, covered in slogans scribbled on messy bits of recycled burger boxes held together with duct tape (Re-Use Cardboard Now And Save The Planet). “There’s a CONSENSUS!” she shrieked.

“That, Madame, is intellectual baby-talk,” replied Lord Monckton. Had she not heard of Aristotle’s codification of the commonest logical fallacies in human discourse, including that which the medieval schoolmen would later describe as the argumentum ad populum, the headcount fallacy? From her reddening face and baffled expression, it was possible to deduce that she had not. Nor had she heard of the argumentum ad verecundiam, the fallacy of appealing to the reputation of those in authority.

Please read the rest of the post.  It only gets more interesting, with some outstanding learning moments on now science should be done.

Monckton’s Schenectady showdown | Watts Up With That?.

Photo by Charlotte Lehman


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3 Responses to Monckton’s Schenectady showdown

  1. John Galt says:

    This report on Lord Monckton’s “showdown” was the most impressive and enjoyable reads in a long time.

    The conclusion, was an outstanding. That students felt chagrined afterwards, suggests that there is still hope that reason can prevail.

    –John Galt

  2. D. King says:

    Here is the Monckton talk.

    Bad audio quality!

    Here is the Q & A

  3. B White says:

    Thank you Russ!

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