OOPs, CARB Delays Cap & Trade Until After November Election (updated)

Russ Steele

KQED had the article: California Delays First Cap & Trade Permit Auction

State will start with a dry run while questions remain about how to spend the money.

Mary Nichols, chairwoman of the California Air Resources Board (ARB) announced at a state senate hearing that the first carbon permit auction will be pushed back to November 14th.

The surprise announcement came at a hearing called to discuss what to do with proceeds from the sale of permits to emit greenhouse gases, the first of which is expected to flow into state coffers late this year.

Govern Brown is expecting a Billion dollars from the AB-32 regulatory fees. Normally fees would have to be spent on AB-32 programs, but the legislature is holding hearing to see how they can capture this slush Billion dollar fund.

The rest of the hearing returned to the business of how the expected revenue from trading carbon “allowances” — which could exceed $1 billion in the first year — may be spent. It’s likely that the money will be considered a regulatory fee, which means that legally it can only be spent on programs that further the goals of AB 32 — namely greenhouse gas reduction.

What to make any guesses on were this AB-32 slush fund will be spent? There are multiple environmentalist organizations in Nevada County rubbing their hands, and writing proposals on how to reduce greenhouse gases in Nevada County and keep themselves employed and living high on AB-32 carbon allowances.

Could this be why the Sierra Business Council President, Steven Frisch was such a strong AB-32 supporter during the Prop 23 debate?  Keep an eye on the other green non-profits in the County, as they try to figure out how to get some of this slush fund gold.


Update(03-28-12, 13:05)  It looks like Mary Nichols and her puppet masters have leaned that elections have consequences:

Last weekend voters in the state of Queensland, Australia ousted all but 8 of Queensland Premier Anne Bligh’s government seats.  After this loss of support, she resigned.  Her ouster was due to lies by their government about carbon tax.  Although carbon taxes are still on the horizon for all of Australia, it is believed the election last weekend has set the tone, putting PM Julia Gillard’s chances of reelection in jeopardy.   Politics are quite different down under, but the power of the individual voters and their voices against carbon taxes have been heard.

Thanks for a regular reader for this information.  Another reader writes:

Regarding “Perhaps Ms. Nichols got wind of the Queensland election results down under over the weekend.” from Sean, the Warmist party got flattened in those regional elections.



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5 Responses to OOPs, CARB Delays Cap & Trade Until After November Election (updated)

  1. sean2829 says:

    Perhaps Ms. Nichols got wind of the Queensland election results down under over the weekend.

  2. Dixon Cruickshank says:

    If Frisch or any of them think they will see a dime of that their dumber than I already thought

    Now on to AUS – the slashing and burning didn’t take long – gotta love it


    • D. King says:


      LOL! From your link:

      Newman orders Bligh’s husband to slash his green waste

      QUEENSLAND Premier Campbell Newman has ordered Anna Bligh’s husband to begin dismantling green energy programs he helped create, as the new LNP government moved to slash environmental spending to offset the federal carbon tax…

      ““We want him to unravel those programs ‘cause he’s the bloke who set them up,” Mr Newman said. …”

      I guess they’ll do this until they can repeal the tax. That didn’t take long!

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