Our local lefty blogger has been promoting the Hockey Stick Mann’s New Book which attempts to defend his very bad science. Above is some insight from one of the subjects in Mann’s book.

Climate Audit

Anne Jolis of WSJ has a sensible review of Mann’s book here. Also an online video here.

She aptly refers to Mann the climate warrior as a “climate kamikaze”. She neatly summarizes the book as follows:

But rather than a chronicle of research and discovery, it’s a score-settling with anyone who has ever doubted his integrity or work: free-market think tanks, industrialists, “scientists for hire,” “the corruptive influence of industry,” the “uninformed” media and public. So, a long list.

Very much so. Mann’s score-settling includes a re-litigation of even the smallest point, conceding nothing. Jolis acutely observes:

The trouble, as Mr. Mann sees it, is that while his own errors have been honest and minor, his detractors’ amount to “disinformation.”

Jolis quotes Mann:

“Given the complexities,” he writes, “it’s easy enough to make mistakes. For those with an agenda, it is even easier to overlook them or, worse, exploit them…

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