A Purple Party Our Local Middle-of-Road Blogger Can Join

Russ Steele

The Sac Bee Capital Alert has the story:

Ash Roughani is trying to form a political party for California moderates.

It has a website, a purple color scheme and, as of this morning, a very “Halftime in America“- like ad.

“Join me,” the midtown Sacramento resident says in the video. “Let’s turn a simple idea — the California Moderate Party — into a growing movement.”


“The Democrat and Republican brands have lost their luster,” it says.

Let’s see if our lefty self claimed middle of the road blogger signs up and becomes a charter member of the California Moderate Party. More importantly, lets see how many sign the petition from Nevada County to help form the“Purple” party. A 100,000 signatures are required. Willing middle of the roaders can do it online under the new registration system, according to the story.

More HERE, including a video call Half Time in California.

Changes at the Nevada County Economic Resource Council

Russ Steele

I went to the Economic Resource Council Board Meeting this morning and learned they have made some changes, which I think are very positive.  One of the reasons I continued to go to ERC board meetings, after I was no longer on the Board, was the discussion that resulted from Board members reporting on what was happening in city government, county government and private business sectors, like real estate, banking and construction. Agency Report are now written and posted on the ERC Website, well by some agencies and some board members, not every one on the board is reporting yet.  I am assuming that all board member will be getting on board, real soon now. You can see the current effort HERE.

The big change is now everyone with an Internet connection can find out what is going on at the ERC Board Meetings and in the local economic community.  I am hopping that Jon Blinder will be posting his report to the board on the same page as the Agency Reports.

Do not be put off by you landing on the Survey Page. The ERC Web is now under construction with a major update coming real soon, so stay tuned.  I am going to be providing some inputs to the development team, which is being lead by a professional web development and marketing person. If you have some comments you would like to submit, send your inputs to Jon Blinder’s e-mail address: jon@ncerc.org.

The Board is aware that the web site is way out of date, especially the business data. If your business in listed at the ERC Website HERE, please send the correct information to Jon Blinder at jon@ncerc.org

I learned that the County is going to be issuing and RFP looking for business or agencies to promote tourism and economic development in Nevada County. Jon Blinder suggest to the Board that the ERC should bid on this RFP. Not sure how that will work out.  I need to give it some more thought. Stay Tuned!