GoNevadaCounty Update (Updated)

Russ Steel

The Friday County CEO Friday Memo had this update on the Nevada County Tourism Web Site.

The success of the County’s tourism website, GoNevadaCounty.com, continues to grow. A new daily blog, with regularly refreshed content and photos, and collaboration with other tourism stakeholders have all contributed to more traffic being driven to and from the site.  In its April report, Sierra Food/Wine/Art notes, “We continue to see an upward swing as new visitors are attracted to GoNevadaCounty.com and returning visitors check out what is new, up 388% over November 2011.  [The number of total visitors was 754 in November and 2732 in March].  The number of pages being viewed has increased 462% since November 2011 [1,795 vs. 8082].  Pages per visit is holding steady at just under 3 pages per visit.”  The SEO score, which measures how efficiently a website is generating visitors through the use of key search terms, was at 73% in November; an ideal score is at least 90.  It is now holding steady at 92%.   GoNevadaCounty.com’s Facebook page has also grown in popularity, from 59 “Likes” in November to 365 at this writing.  The site is active with new posts daily by community groups, businesses and individuals adding their comments and announcements on the page.

I have been monitoring the traffic at GoNevadaCounty HERE.  I am please to hear that the site is getting more traffic.  According to the write up the site had 754 visitors in November 2011.  According to Compete Site Analysis, a free service, the number of visitors in November 2011 was 805, just a little more than the SEO Service that the Sierra Food/Wine/Art Editor reported. In March the Editor reported 2732 visitors. According to Compete it was 1,182. I found the size of the difference surprising even though it just a sample, given how close the starting point was.   Here is the plot.

Update (04-20-12, 22:20) Full list of analytics for GoNevadaCounty is HERE.

I have been monitoring the ranking of GoNevadaCounty HERE and we are seeing some improvement in the rankings, but none from the starting point. The best site on the internet is a rank of #1.

Starting Rank:

Current Rank:


The Compete numbers are estimates and leave the door open for a challenge, but I wonder about huge difference between the March number when the November numbers were so close.

Here is KNCO for comparison:

I would like to see the real numbers.  I wonder if the County is tracking the real numbers, or are they just taking the Sierra Food/Wine/Art Editor numbers at face value.  The performance of the contractor according to the contract was to be measured by the number of new visitors. I recommend the following:

  1. The County use a third party to do the performance analysis to insure impartial results.
  2. The GoNevadaCounty web site include the number of monthly visitors on the website, so the public can track the real numbers.

Note: Found the full site analytics on the County Web Site. 


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