Data Mining to Purge Voter Polls

Russ Steele

The Florida Secretary of State just discovered that there are up to 53,000 dead voters still on the states voter rolls. How could all these dead people be on the polls for so long?  Florida was not using the best available data until now.  The discovery of 53,000 dead voters was made now that Florida is now using the nationwide Social Security Death Index for determining which voters should be purged because they have died.

The question is what data bases are California and Nevada County mining to purge the voter polls.  Are our voter rolls still are filled with dead voters?  What is being done to detect and removing them in Nevada County? If they are not removed, they maybe sent Vote by Mail Ballots and this could lead to an increase in voter fraud. Dead people voting!

I recently attended a Nevada County Tea Party Patriots meeting to establish a Election Integrity Project in Nevada County. Phase one of this effort will be to identify dead people on Nevada County voter polls and uncover any registration irregularities.  I hope this effort to purge the voter polls of dead people and to uncover any registration irregularities will be well received by the Nevada County Clerk-Recorders Office.  Stay Tuned.


About Russ Steele
Freelance writer and climate change blogger. Russ spent twenty years in the Air Force as a navigator specializing in electronics warfare and digital systems. After his service he was employed for sixteen years as concept developer for TRW, an aerospace and automotive company, and then was CEO of a non-profit Internet provider for 18 months. Russ's articles have appeared in Comstock's Business, Capitol Journal, Trailer Life, Monitoring Times, and Idaho Magazine.

56 Responses to Data Mining to Purge Voter Polls

  1. Barry Pruett says:

    Russ: I am not sure, but I think that the Secretary of State’s office uses the SSI and INS database. The problem is that INS database only catch immigrants in the system. Illegal and undocument immigrants are not in the system and cannot be filtered. I will have to check whether the Scretary of State uses SSI, but I think that they do.

  2. Brad Croul says:

    How many of those dead voters voted in the Bush/Gore election?

  3. Brad Croul says:

    How many of those voters have been getting threatening letters from the county for not showing up for jury duty?

    • Dena says:

      Possibly few. They may have claimed medical reason for not appearing while they were still alive.

  4. gjrebane says:

    The indelible elements of proof of life after death are your continued ability to pay tribute to the state and to vote after you have departed for the Pearly Gates.

  5. benjaminemery says:

    The handful of voter fraud cases vs. the hundreds of thousands to millions of caged voters in any given election cycle is not even comparable. Why don’t you spend some energy in investigating why the powers that be i.e. ALEC spend so much time and resources preventing people from voting?

    New York Times

    In 5-Year Effort, Scant Evidence of Voter Fraud

    Published: April 12, 2007


    WASHINGTON, April 11 — Five years after the Bush administration began a crackdown on voter fraud, the Justice Department has turned up virtually no evidence of any organized effort to skew federal elections, according to court records and interviews.

    Fox News

    Voter ID Laws Target Rarely Occurring Voter Fraud
    Published September 24, 2011

    Associated Press


    After a five-year hunt for voter fraud, the Bush administration’s Justice Department came up with little widespread fraud, finding mostly cases of people mistakenly filling out voter registration forms or voting when they didn’t know they were ineligible, The New York Times reported in 2007. But none of the cases involved a person voting as someone else.

    • Ben, here is more evidence that it is not happening.

      Puerto Rico’s Electoral Commission opened an investigation on Monday into allegations of vote tampering and voter fraud by both of the island’s main political parties in the island’s recent political primaries.

      Tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans went to the ballots on March 18 to decide which candidates of the New Progressive Party (NPP) and the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) for mayors, senators and representatives would go on to the November elections.

      The process was fraught with discrepancies, with the NPP and PDP flinging fraud and vote count accusations at each other. But the most egregious allegations stem from an internal fight within the NPP in Guaynabo –where the popular mayor of the city, Hector O’Neill, backs the candidacy of the incumbent representative Antonio Soto, while the top leadership of the NPP party backs an opponent, Angel Pérez. The race triggered a battle that forced a recount of the primaries ballots for the first time in Puerto Rico’s political history. Recounts were up to now reserved only for the general elections.

      The bitter contest and recount has already dredged-up evidence of electoral practices that sparked the Electoral Commission investigation and may lead to a charges of criminal wrongdoing. It laid bare a practice of “vaciado de listas,” where people were recorded as having voted that never went to the polls or were deceased.

      Read more:

    • Ben, even more evidence that voter fraud does not happen

      April 23, 2012, Massive Voter Fraud Uncovered in Virginia

      (Richmond Times-Dispatch) Results of an ongoing Virginia State Police investigation of voter registration irregularities from the 2008 general election may signal a more significant voter fraud issue than some state lawmakers realized.

      As Virginia legislators hotly debated a voter ID bill that narrowly passed the General Assembly, many were unaware of a state police investigation that, so far, has resulted in charges against 38 people statewide for voter fraud. Warrants have been obtained for a 39th person who can’t be located.

      A majority of those cases already have resulted in convictions, and 26 additional cases are still being actively investigated nearly 3½ years after the state Board of Elections forwarded more than 400 voter and election fraud allegations from 62 cities and counties to Virginia State Police for individual investigation.

      Read more:

  6. benjaminemery says:

    Were any of the 20 convictions out of millions of votes cast aimed at trying to swing the election results one way or another? Or were they from people who voted in the wrong precinct or were former convicted felons? Either way we’re talking about 0.001% of voters.

    The voter ID laws in 2012 are estimated to affect 5 million voters.

    Let People VOTE

  7. Hosted by Eric Shawn
    With the presidential election just months away, Fox News Reporting shows voter fraud is still rampant and there are people and forces determined to steal elections.
    Eric Shaw has been on this story for years. In this brand-new Fox News exclusive, he uncovers brazen vote fraud schemes across the country and investigates the charges and counter-charges leveled in a number of high-profile elections:
    • Fraud and the campaign to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: Crying foul or crying wolf?
    • Did illegal voting by felons in 2008 give President Obama a filibuster-proof Senate majority?
    • The ugly battle over voter ID laws: Do they stop illegal ballots or keep minorities from the polls?

    Read more:

    • benjaminemery says:

      I will look at the link in a moment but wanted to address the laughable “Did illegal voting by felons in 2008 give President Obama a filibuster-proof Senate majority?” I know what the sentiment of the statement is trying to get across but the 111th and 112th congress’s broke filibuster records. A total obstructionist minority in the Senate has delayed bringing any kind of help to those who are hurting for the sole purpose of trying to win an election. Their job is to represent the people not make government into a team sport, it is pathetic. Unfortunately for the people the democrats are spineless and don’t stand for anything except coming out of the gates with a compromise. I wrote about this in 2010 and it is still true today.

      Letting America Fail To Win An Election 04/29/2010

      As Americans, we all know that Wall St. greed, recklessness and illegal behavior has brought our own and the world economy to its knees. In April 2010, continuing obstructionist partisan behavior, US Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) along with the other 40 Republican Senators sent a letter to Senate Majority leader Harry Reid endorsing Wall St. behavior by rejecting any financial reform that will be proposed by the Democratic majority. On the floor of the Senate, Republicans are making irrelevant talking points written by Frank Luntz, a political consultant and pollster, long before the proposed bill was written. This is typical of the obstructionist Republican minority of the 111th congress who is shattering its own previous record from the 110th with filibusters and holds on any significant legislation or appointments made by the Democratic majority. It has become perfectly clear the minority party is willing to let America to continue its downward spiral in order to win seats in the 2010 election.

      The Democrats are proposing a half measure that is a good first step but doesn’t alienate the campaign cash cow of the financial sector too much. In 2009 the financial sector lobbyists spent $300 million on both the republican and democratic parties. If this wasn’t appalling enough, over 3,000 Wall St lobbyists, 250 of them former members of congress, roam the halls of the capital building influencing 535 member of congress. This is a ratio almost 6 to 1. Instead of doing what is needed for the country, the majority party is willing to propose half measures to ensure campaign funding in the next election. We have a two party system that works to the benefit of special interests not the interests of the American people.

  8. benjaminemery says:

    Another possible 180,000 could be purged from the voting roles in FL during the 2012 election. Even if 1% of these voters are successfully stopped from voting that dwarfs your 34 cases of voter fraud. Voter fraud is not an issue but election fraud is a reality.

  9. Our goal is to insure we do not have any voter fraud in Nevada County. Others will have to worry about their Counties.

    • stevefrisch says:

      How many documented fraud cases occurred in Nevada County in the last two election cycles? Have there been any prosecutions in Nevada County? Who is perpetrating this voter fraud and how are they doing it in Nevada County? Can you list some people in Nevada County who voted who you also have valid death certificates for? What is the ratio of voter fraud incidents avoided to voters disenfranchised that would be acceptable to the Independent “voter police” being advanced by the Tea Party? By the way, wouldn’t it have made more sense to finish this project before the mail ballots for the June primary election went out? Hmm…come to think of it, I wonder what constitutes a ‘valid death certificate’? Is it one issued by the doctor and hospital at which the person deceased, or from the coroner? How do we know these death certificates are real? Couldn’t they be photoshopped?

      • Brad Croul says:

        Hmmm, I think you might have hit on something with the fake death certificate. Sometimes, I think I would be better off “dead”. At least the Gov would stop hounding me for my taxes.

      • Greg Goodknight says:

        “How many documented fraud cases occurred in Nevada County in the last two election cycles?”

        Who has been looking for them?

        Golly, Steve, if it wastes the time of Tea Partiers, whom you seem to have a special distain for, isn’t that a good thing? If they actually find dead people registered to vote, isn’t that also a good thing?

        You seem to be saying there aren’t any, it’s a bad thing if the local TPP actually find any, and they should have found them before the upcoming for it to do any good. Confusing.

      • stevefrisch says:

        Actually, what I am implying is that this is nothing more than a secret conspiratorial stealth attempt to disenfranchise non-dead voters, couched in an seemingly innocuous ‘do-good’ initiative; part of a secret national conspiracy, going under the phones name of a ‘Voter Integrity’ project. This is how these insidious conspiracies work you know, they pick a flowerery name to dupe the public, then work their evil will! I know I don’t have any proof, but just putting the charge out there without any evidence seems to be good enough for our esteemed peers.

      • Todd Juvinall says:

        Greg SF be;ieves in manmade AGW which mans he is a bit touched anyway. He has been basted so many times by you I would think he’d learn. LOL!

      • Michael Anderson says:

        One of the things I love most about Todd in these blogs is his sports announcer-ship.

        He reads, he analyzes, and then he gives a play-by-play of what just happened. Of course, his commentary is couched as it would be by a play-by-play announcer who supports only the team for whom he works.

  10. benjaminemery says:

    How many cases of voter fraud in Nevada County over the last decade? I remember Barry Pruett talking about this as an actual issue when he ran for clerk. Who do you suspect is voting illegally in Nevada County. It sounds more like fear mongering than real concern.

  11. Russ says:

    Dead people

  12. Arthur M. Day. says:

    The dead vote, the illegal alien vote, the convicted felon vote, the multiple personality vote, the fictive Acorn person vote. Wouldn’t it be better for the country if the Democratic Party came up with a platform that live, legal, law-abiding, real citizens could enthusiastically support? Isn’t it past time to put Tammany Hall politics behind them?

    • Steven Frisch says:

      How man cases of the dead, the illegal alien, the felon, and the fictive do you have to show us Mr. Day? Bring them forward! [i won’t count the multiple personality because I don’t think they are automatically disenfranchised under our constitution, which many here claim to love so dearly]

    • Mr. Day is right on the mark. Nixon’s loss to the dead democrats of Chicago comes to mind. Also the democrat governor’s victory helped by the incarcerated felons in the State of Washington too. Or maybe the recount after recount in Minnesota for the comedian in which a Republican victory was snatched from those recounts of lost and forgotten ballots. Or maybe the attempts by AlGore in Florida to troll for more democrat votes in cherry picked counties he already had won but a SCOTUS decision said nope, all counties were to be included in the recount. Or in the past maybe Tammany Hall or all those ACORN ballots signed by the same person. Yep, nothing to see here, move along please.

      • stevefrisch says:

        Todd, for every example of Democratic vote stealing in American history I could come up with an example of Republican vote stealing. But the overarching thread of such vote stealing was the existence of political machines with strong financial support from some sector of the community, with overt political patronage to dispense, and inadequate voter registration and voting machine technology to take create transparency, coupled with a cultural ethic that ACCEPTS machine politics as the norm. No such conditions exist in our country today.

        My challenge to you and your co-horts here is “show us the evidence of widespread voter fraud in Nevada County, the balancing impacts on unintentional disenfranchisement of voters to prove that the benefits of eliminating fraud outweigh the impacts on the franchise, and the cost of eliminating such fraud.”

        If an “Election Integrity Project” is intended to do that, and it is done under neutral auspices, with transparency and accountability built into the process, and the outcome or any actions taken are disconnected from the political election cycle, and the intent is to extend the franchise to every eligible voter, then that would be great.

        If the effort is led by the Tea Party, in secret, with their own data protocols, and tied to creating electoral advantage in a particular cycle (which any independent observer would clearly see is being attempting in this election cycle funded by a string of partisan right wing groups) then the effort is nothing more than the Tea Party trying to create THEIR OWN political machine, and should be roundly rejected by the public.

        We fought hard to overcome the political machine in American history. We reformed civil service, created protocols to eliminate patronage, killed no-bid contracts, created laws to make funding transparent, created high penalties for political corruption and, perhaps more important, changed the national mind-set and expectations about what is ethical in politics—right or left, all sides agree corruption is wrong and should be severely punished.

        Now, the Tea Party and others are trying to re-create the political machine–using rumor, innuendo, guilt by association, and fear as a tactic–to suppress opposition and build a political base. You own titular leader, Mark Meckler, has laid out a 40 year plan for creating this political machine, and eliminating the franchise for certain groups of eligible voters is clearly a part of that strategy.

      • OK SteveF, I listed four demo thefts and you say you can give us just as many righty. So put them here for us to see.

  13. stevefrisch says:

    “Every time someone tells me the tea party is “partisan,” and Republican, I just laugh and shake my head. Today, at the Tea Party Coalition meeting in San Juan Capistrano, we’re getting trained on how to take over the county Central Committees of both parties. The real secret weapon in the tea party movement are the Democratic and independent factions.”—Mark Meckler

    Building a machine……go to Mr. Meckler’s blog and he is pretty openly talking about how one does it.

  14. gjrebane says:

    The notion that modern day vote stealing divides equally between the conservative and collectivist factions is ludicrous. Collectivist cite as “vote stealing” when Republicans demand that only legal American citizens vote (usually promoting the use of some type of voter ID issued free when required). This is called denying the vote or stealing the vote, and flies in the face of evidence that minority voting percentages have increased when proper identification was required at registration and/or polling places.

    Conservatives cite court cases of voter fraud, and show videos of how collectivists control their polling places. Votes are most frequently counted and adjudicated by public service union employees (many proudly wearing their SEIU t-shirts). Meanwhile Democrat controlled election committees across the land do all possible to deny or make difficult for the military to vote, knowing that military voters overwhelmingly vote conservative. Equal efforts are made to include the votes of illegal aliens since they overwhelmingly vote the progressive agenda.

    The fraud agendas of both sides are made clear when one side always backs policies to eliminate voter fraud and other does everything to promote the ability for voter fraud to be practiced. Finally, fraud detection is made practically impossible by the patently illegal restrictions placed on poll watchers by most voter registrars across the country.

    • stevefrisch says:

      First, no one here is a ‘member of a collectivist faction’. And if you persist, we get to call you a member of a fascist third column secretly planted by the Nazi’s at the end of WWII to destroy America at the dawn of the 21st century.

      Second, my post clearly states that voter identification and verification conducted as part of a non-partisan process done outside the context of a specific election is completely valid.

      Third, my post clearly states that the effect of poll purging should be balanced with the mandate to extend the franchise to as many people, regardless of stripe, as possible. Is there some part of that you disagree with?

      Finally, the only large-scale case of voter fraud in the last 4 years was not some trumped up bull-hockey from a teenaged blogger, it was the conviction on 4 felony counts of voter fraud of former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White.

      (I would link to the Indianapolis Star but it is behind a pay wall)

      I challenge you to point to any specific case of voter fraud in Nevada County, and demonstrate that it is a common practice.

      Like your normal presentations, this one is nothing but a collection of false charges, innuendo, and anecdotal stories. Joe McCarthy would be proud!

    • George, I think the Frisch is sensitive to a nameplate. What a hoot! He calls us all fascists most every post. I think the left in America is the proven vote stealer.

      Check out Fidel SteveF. You think he swipes votes? Or your buddy Hugo or those folks you praised on your trip to China? You think those Chinese swipe votes? Amazing!

      • stevefrisch says:

        I am really not that sensitive to name calling. I am used to it here…I am merely pointing out that it goes two ways. I was the first to call for moderation here but your hosts seem to think that name calling in the cause of righteousness is just fine…

        Besides it is kind on nice to think that George is really the “Estonian Candidate”.

  15. stevefrisch says:

    Here is another example of voter fraud…..ooops….I mean an incredibly insensitive attempt at forcing voter fraud by the pimply faced young conservative huckster James O’keefe of Project Veritas when he publicly claims he assumes the identity of a man dead a few short weeks (April 23rd) and forces his family to go through a public disclaimer when he posts the farce on YouTube. The same YouTube video falsely claims that two other people voting are not citizens…

    • You mean when he went into the polling place of Eric Holder and said he was Eric Holder? You are too much SteveF, if that is the best you can do you have already lost the debate.

      • stevefrisch says:

        Hey just pointing out how completely ridiculous on this issue you guys appear…..

      • If you listen to the audio SteveF you will hear him NOT taking the ballot to vote and telling the poll worker he had to get his ID from the car. The poll worker kept telling him not to worry, just take the ballot and vote as Eric Holder. You are supposedly too smart to make your last two posts. Nut maybe you aren’t?

  16. Barry Pruett says:

    The EIP is a non-partisan organization made up of all political parties, it is a group of citizens who are assisting Registrar of Voters offices all over the Country to help clean up the voter rolls. It is meant to be a cooperative group that is learning about the election process and makling sure that the Election laws are followed and adhered to. Not an “I gotcha” mentality. I am really impressed by the organization. Also, this will ensure that all legally cast votes are counted. Fraud is extremely hard to prove with the absence of any voter ID laws in California, Vote by Mail makes it even harder. I am not saying that there is voter fraud happening in Nevada County, all I am saying is that cleaning the voter rolls up and making sure that every legally cast vote is counted is a non-partisan issue that should be embraced by everyone commenting on this blog. I know that there are a few Occupy Wall Street guys that want to help with this project as well. The EIP met with the ROV’s office last week and it went very well, they were very receptive.

  17. stevefrisch says:

    Here is a link to the Election Integrity Project:

    On the front page of the “non-partisan organization” web site there is a reference to President Obama comparing him to Stalin and a video by right wing conservative activist James O’Keefe of Project Veritas.

    Non-partsian my foot…..

    • O’Keefe exposed the ACORN vote riggiers to protect the integrity of the process. Who cares if he is a righty or a lefty? Are you against cleaning up the dirt of voter fraud?

  18. stevefrisch says:

    By the way, the Election Integrity Project is a project of Judicial Watch, a well known conservative legal advocacy organization based in Arlington Virginia.

  19. Barry Pruett says:

    Steve: Your argument in connection with voter fraud evidence is misplaced and was in fact disregarded by the Supreme Court in the leading voter identification case CRAWFORD v. MARION COUNTY ELECTION BOARD. At the trial court, the defendants did not provide any evidence of voter fraud, yet Justice Stevens (widely known as a liberal on the Court) found that that the burdens placed on voters are limited to a small percentage of the population and were offset by the state’s interest in reducing fraud. Stevens also stated that voter identification laws are closely related to government’s legitimate interest in preventing voter fraud, modernizing elections, and safeguarding voter confidence.

  20. benjaminemery says:

    The ACORN O’Keefe case has been proven to have been bogus but not in time to stop the republican party and many of the spineless democrats to strip their funding.

    No matter how it is sliced voter fraud comes down to 0.001% of the voters and many of those voters didn’t vote in malice but by mistake. This is a manufactured problem to allow justification of a solution that purges voters. It is just another way the status quo/ powers that be try and disenfranchise voters who do not agree with their interests in general.

  21. Oh and the FAIR homepage describes itself as a “progressive” organization. It would seem they might not like the conservative O’Keefe and Breibart.

  22. benjaminemery says:

    I have a fundamental problem with private companies having the power to receive and count the vote with little to no transparency. Especially when the president of those companies are part of a group trying to elect a specific candidate in the election.
    Also when Secretary’s of State oversees state elections at the same time co-chairs an Elect X Candidate in the same cycle. Then doubly troubling when that same SoS uses that partisan company. Then there is Chuck Hagel in the 90’s who was a pioneer in the field of voting machines, inverted exit polls, and winning.

    Diebold and Walden O’Dell

    Katherine Harris

    Ken Blackwell

    Chuck Hagel midway through the article

    • Barry Pruett says:

      Ummm…you did the Potomac Two Step aournd my question. It was a yes or no question.

      Ben: The Supreme Court has found that preventing voter fraud is only one aspect of a state’s legitimate interest in connection with elections. The other two are modernizing elections and safeguarding voter confidence. Do you oppose modernization of elections and insuring voter confidence as well as preventing fraud/mistake?

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