Yale Researcher – Ignore the Facts do What is Right for Society

.Russ Steele

I used to hold Yale University in high regard.  My father-in-law held a highly regarded chair and was a Yale Department Chairman until he retired. He was a conservative in a den of liberal, but held his own. It was through conversations with my father-in-law that I grew to appreciate Yale for the great institution it used to be. It was when Yale started engaging in AGW Group Think that I began to question their scientific reputation.

Anthony Watts has written a blog post highlighting a recent Yale University Study :  Apathy and the climate change divide – it isn’t about science literacy

The Yale study concludes public apathy over climate change is unrelated to science literacy. Indeed, as members of the public become more science literate and numerate, the study found, individuals belonging to opposing cultural groups become even more divided on the risks that climate change poses. 

I found this most interesting:

Researcher Ellen Peters of Ohio State University said that people who are higher in numeracy and science literacy usually make better decisions in complex technical situations, but the study clearly casts doubt on the notion that the more you understand science and math, the better decisions you’ll make in complex and technical situations. “What this study shows is that people with high science and math comprehension can think their way to conclusions that are better for them as individuals but are not necessarily better for society.”   

It appears that the good professor wants intelligent educated people to stop accepting the scientific facts and just accept the warmer manta that humans are causing global warming. Put away your brain and just do what is best for society.  Right!

Well I have a message for the professors at Yale and Ohio State – Go Pound Sand. I have invested too much time reading, studying, calculating and doing my own research to chuck it all in now and just adopt your group think that humans have any control over the climate in Mother Natures backyard.

My advice for the folks at Yale this they should  be investing in some warm long johns and ladies wool knickers. In the northeast they  are going to be on the leading edge of the cold created by the next grand minimum.


About Russ Steele
Freelance writer and climate change blogger. Russ spent twenty years in the Air Force as a navigator specializing in electronics warfare and digital systems. After his service he was employed for sixteen years as concept developer for TRW, an aerospace and automotive company, and then was CEO of a non-profit Internet provider for 18 months. Russ's articles have appeared in Comstock's Business, Capitol Journal, Trailer Life, Monitoring Times, and Idaho Magazine.

3 Responses to Yale Researcher – Ignore the Facts do What is Right for Society

  1. gjrebane says:

    One of the main features of a collectivist society is that its science must uphold its delivered truths, hence we must also impose collectivist science that is first and foremost compliant to collectivist ideology. And the children must be carefully taught.

    • Yes, teach the children carefully, but California teachers do want to let that mission get in the way of their pension. The California Teachers Association may be the worst since they directly harm our children. They demand bad teachers be kept and good teachers fired—based on seniority not quality. And here are some of the results.

      Nationwide, 32 percent of students tested proficient or above on the NAEP science test of physical, life, and Earth and space sciences. In California, 21 percent tested proficient, including one percent advanced, and 47 percent were far below basic. California’s average score of 140 on a scale of 300 is on the upper end of the below-basic band.

      The question is, are California teachers teaching the real science on which the test is based or the phony science of global warming and environmentalism? It is hard to answer the questions correctly, if you have been fed phoney science by your teachers.

  2. Arthur M. Day. says:

    And for whose brand of society are we to make our decisions? The Yale study fails to define the opposing cultural groups. The O.S.U. researcher, if she could bring herself to notice the rise in energy poverty that AGW brings with it, might reach the opposite conclusion, that high numeracy, science literacy people are making decisions that are best for themselves and society.

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