My Grandmother: Stop Whining and Fix the Problem

Russ Steele

Power Line is asking: WHY IS THIS MAN WHINING?

Why is this man whining, blaming the federal budget deficit on George Bush three-and-a-half years into his term in office? He must think we’re really, really stupid.

Video Link HERE.

Virtually upon entering office, Obama signed off on enormous spending programs including the monumental stimulus bill. This included a $410 billion omnibus spending bill that Bush had refused to sign before he left office involving mind-boggling expansions of federal agencies such as the EEOC. More here and here.

The putative importance of deficit spending has been a doctrinal keystone of the administration. It gave us the trillion dollar stimulus program that held unemployment below 8 percent. At least it gave us the trillion dollar stimulus program. Remember, Mr. President, you didn’t want to let a crisis go to waste?

Obama’s blaming his predecessor for his own record as his first time comes to a close is incredibly unbecoming. Listen to his tone in the video. The whining makes him unlikable. But it is not just the tone that is off.

You can read the rest of the story HERE.

Why not stop whining and fix the problem? The problem is the economy and the lack of jobs. Obama has skipped multiple opportunities to create more jobs. He failed to approve the XL-Pipeline, he refuses to embrace fossil fuel extraction, funds failed job loosing alternative energy projects, and insists on raising energy costs of non-competitive levels. He has an opportunity to fix the jobs problem, but refuses to do so, whining that the problem left by a previous administration is just too hard. He would not last ten minutes in my Grandmother garden, no whining allowed.


About Russ Steele
Freelance writer and climate change blogger. Russ spent twenty years in the Air Force as a navigator specializing in electronics warfare and digital systems. After his service he was employed for sixteen years as concept developer for TRW, an aerospace and automotive company, and then was CEO of a non-profit Internet provider for 18 months. Russ's articles have appeared in Comstock's Business, Capitol Journal, Trailer Life, Monitoring Times, and Idaho Magazine.

One Response to My Grandmother: Stop Whining and Fix the Problem

  1. Sean says:

    Not only has he skipped the opportunity to create jobs, he’s made employing people more expensive. The Affordable Care Act will likely raise the cost of each employee by $2/hr for everyone. This money will go to the healthcare system, not to the employees. This will have the greatest negative affect on the low end earners. Even without the ACA, expansion of Medicaid and unemployment insurance likely raised to costs for private healthcare premiums for all and unemplyment insurace paid to the state for all. I’ve also heard that the average cost per employee to a large corporation to comply with all the government regulations related to employment is $10K per employee. If the government could to one thing to increase employment it would reduce heal count costs, paid in taxes, fees, insurance and regulatory compliance costs. I don’t see that happenning in this adminstrationa at all.

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