Gov Brown Signs High-Speed Rail Bill (Updated)


Update (07-20-12, 08:45) Katy Grimes, writing at the CalWatchDog: Gov seals CA crash with high-speed rail bill

Even though high-speed rail has become nothing more than a pipeline project for grabbing big money and a big lie, Gov. Jerry Brown signed the rail bill Wednesday, sealing California’s economic fate. Because of the illegitimacy of the project’s intent, California taxpayers will be left holding the bill.

The bill authorizes $5.8 billion to start construction of only one high-speed rail line in the Central Valley, and includes $2.6 billion in state rail bond funds, along with $3.2 billion in federal funds.

But California will have to borrow every dime of that state money to build the high-speed boondoggle.

 Full article is HERE. But in my mind this is the meat of the article:

Violating the law

Prop. 1A states, “The high-speed train system shall be planned and constructed in a manner that minimizes urban sprawl and impacts on the natural environment.”  But the impact of the rail system may actually create suburban communities around train stations within reasonable distances from urban areas and higher employment areas.

The train system will dissect both urban and rural communities which will be problematic, as well as a serious violation of the “natural environment.” The trains will travel through densely populated cities, but also through sensitive agricultural and natural areas in the state.

Other areas of the high-speed rail law are being violated as well:

* The California High-Speed Rail Authority must have all of the the funding ahead of time, before any construction starts on a new segment.

* The high-speed train system must operate on its own entirely, and in the black. That means operating profitably, and includes caveats of no government subsidy. The plan relies heavily on a projection of 100 million users by 2030, a notion that was created with manipulated data, and is absurd.

* Prop. 1A stipulates 11 requirements that must be met before funds can be released for the construction of a “corridor” or “usable segment.”  Specifically, some of these requirements include actual high-speed train service, ridership, revenue projections and planned passenger service.

* The success of any legitimate transportation system must be based on connectivity. “For each corridor described in subdivision (b), passengers shall have the capability of traveling from any station on that corridor to any other station on that corridor without being required to change trains,” the law states. “Stations shall be located in areas with good access to local mass transit or other modes of transportation.”  This means that, unless there are extensive connecting rail systems already in place in the high-speed rail destinations, cab companies, limo services and car rental companies should be lining up to rent space in the train stations. Commuters will not have the necessary train and bus systems to transfer to with the existing plan.

When do we take back our government for these criminals?


About Russ Steele
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2 Responses to Gov Brown Signs High-Speed Rail Bill (Updated)

  1. Sean says:

    What you should have done is linked to the SacBee article on Jerry Brown signing the bill. The are over 500 comments as of 6:30 PM PDT. Not many of them are at-a-boys. Most suggest any money raised by increasing taxes this fall will simply be squandered in Sacramento.
    I’m still betting the train gets stuck in a legal quagmire, the tax increases get voted down because of the HSR bill and California will wake up after election day this November and realize it has to come up with$ 8 billion in cuts while Washington DC has suddenly become much less sympathetic to easing the pain of the state’s spend thrift ways

  2. Arthur M. Day. says:

    The law of unintended consequences is not mocked.

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