Heatwave not what “Global Warming Looks Like” Rather what “Mother Nature Looks Like”

Russ Steele

This video of  Dr. John Christy, Alabama’s State Climatologist, Professor of Atmospheric Science and Director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville testifying before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works hearing on global warming,  and it is worth your time to watch.

“During the heat wave of late June and early July, high temperature extremes became newsworthy. Claims that there were thousands of records broken each day and that “this is what global warming looks like” got a lot of attention.

However, these headlines were not based on climate science. As shown in Figure 1.3 of my testimony it is scientifically more accurate to say that this is what Mother Nature looks like, since events even worse than these have happened in the past before greenhouse gases were increasing like they are today.

You can download the paper he prepared for his presentation at this link: 8112HearingWitnessTestimonyChristy  It concludes, that the recent anomalous weather can’t be blamed on carbon dioxide.

Gov Brown Call Your Office — Facebook is in the Tank

Russ Steele

Right after the Facebook IPO I blogged using a title similar to the above on my post and was told by his Purpleness that I just did not understand. Now the Legislative Analyst’s Office sees the same pitfall that I did with Facebook sliding into the tank. Gov Brown had assumed that the IPO would produce millions of tax revenue for his budget. Does not look like that will happen.

The Sac Bee has the story HERE.

The state’s Legislative Analyst’s Office said Wednesday that “hundreds of millions” of dollars in assumed tax revenues may never materialize due to the continued slide in Facebook’s stock price.


The Analyst’s Office said today that much of the Facebook income tax revenues will still come in. But the LAO added that “if the company’s stock price remains depressed, hundreds of millions of income tax dollars assumed in the 2012-13 state budget plan are at risk.”

The stock is down below $20 today and three top executive were fired today, after admitting that Facebook has 83 million fake accounts.

I just could not see how Facebook was going to make any money, especially with more people abandoning their desk top and lap tops for smartphones. A study by the World Bank and infoDev titled “Information and Communications for Development 2012” found that an estimated three-quarters of the world’s people have access to a mobile device. The number of worldwide mobile subscriptions grew from less than 1 billion in 2000 to over 6 billion today, the study said. Globally about 30% of all those phones are smartphones. In the US 46% of all cellphones are smartphones.

With more and more Facebook users relying on smartphones there is not enough ad space on the screen without annoying the user.  Facebook revealed it had 955 million monthly active users and 543 million monthly active mobile users. In the social-networking giant’s 10-Q filing published last night, the company disclosed that nearly 20 percent of the latter number, 102 million users, accessed the social network in June solely from their mobile device. More at CNET.com

The use of smartphones as the prime computing device is projected to grow.  As it grows, Facebook’s revenue problems become more tenable. It appears investors are coming to the same conclusion.  Wonder what his Purpleness’ thinks?

Clueless in California – Unaware How Much Scientific Stupidity Costs

Russ Steele

The latest Public Policy Institute of California Statewide Survey is out on how the CA citizens feel about the environment, 60% of Californians polled said that the effects of global warming have already begun. Here are some of the details:

 Global Warming:

While global warming and energy policy have not been the focus of debate in the campaigns so far, 30 percent of California likely voters say these issues are very important in determining their choice for president and 42 percent say they are somewhat important. A majority—54 percent—say they trust Obama to handle these issues, while 33 percent trust Romney.

Cap and Trade:

Most Californians (57%) have heard nothing about the state’s cap-and-trade program, which will be rolled out in November with the first state auction of emissions permits (12% have heard a lot, 30% a little). A cornerstone of efforts to implement AB 32, this program will set limits on companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and allow those who emit less to sell permits to those who exceed their limits. After hearing a brief description of the program, a slim majority of adults (53%) say they favor it (36% oppose). Those who say they have heard a lot about cap and trade oppose it (62% vs. 35% in favor). More than half of those who have heard little (53%) or nothing about it (57%) are in favor.

What is the take away from this survey? Most Californians believe global warming is happening now, and something should be done about it now, including policies under AB-32 that would force emissions down. Yet, they are totally unaware that the AB-32’s  cap and trade drive up their energy costs, and eventually the cost of all consumer products in the state.

How much global warming have we had in California, no significant warming over the last 80 years.

This 5×5 degree gridded data is from the Hadley/Climatic Research Unit (CRU) CRUTEM3 database (IPCC uses CRU data), plotted at: [http://www.appinsys.com/GlobalWarming/climate.aspx]

If there is no global warming, why do we need AB-32, unless the real goal is not climate change but extorting more money from citizens to enable more spending by the liberals in Sacramento.  The Governor is planning on a billion for his budget. Who is responsible? Every citizens who is unwilling to learn the truth, human CO2 emission are not responsible for climate change in California. We do not need AB-32.

Full Survey can be found HERE