Nevada City Consenting to Phase III of CO2 Stupidity

Russ Steele

Consent Item at the Wednesday Nevada City Council Meeting:

C. Consideration of Approval for a Participation Agreement with Sierra Business Council for Phase III of the Green Communities Program to Develop the Energy Efficiency Chapter of a Climate Action Plan (CAP)

What the hell is this? It is more UN Agenda 21 crap creeping in to the administration of local government. No this is not more right wing conspiracy, ICLEI is an integral part of Agenda 21. Consider this from the Sierra Business Council Web Site.

  • Work with Local Governments throughout the Sierra Nevada to proactively meet greenhouse gas emission reduction goals; assisting Local Governments to lead by example
  • Provide comprehensive tools and resources for baseline greenhouse gas  emission inventories to local governments and community interns in the Sierra Nevada
  • Provide local governments with a inventory baseline to be used to monitor and reduce their energy usage and overall greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increase capacity within the workforce, preparing community interns with valuable skills and experiences beneficial in the green job sector
  • Prepare Local Government staff members for potential state regulations by providing training throughout the entire process, instructions on how to collect and analyze the data, and providing access to ICLEI resources; minimizing staff time and resources in the future
  • Develop county- and city-wide greenhouse gas inventory reports, which can eventually be used in the development of comprehensive energy/climate action planning tools
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to energy usage in the Sierra Nevada while promoting sustainable economic development, social fairness, and long term environmental quality
  • Implement the vision of the CA Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan in the Sierra Nevada

Project Process

Sierra Business Council has enrolled 16 local governments in Phase 1, and 17 local governments in Phase 2 to participate in the program and take part in the trainings provided by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. SBC will recruit and manage the interns, who will participate in the training along with the local government staff.  The interns are paired with selected local government staff participants, providing additional staffing support needed to conduct data collections, analysis, emissions inventory development and a final, comprehensive report.

This is all right out the UN Agenda 21 play book.  Notice that ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, has dropped International from their label, as it was alerting people to the real mission – one world government.   ICLECI’s mission is to carry out Agenda 21. Over 600 Counties and Cities have been duped into becoming ICLEI members and the tax payers are footing the bill.

The real question is why does Nevada City need to have a greenhouse gas inventory and a Climate Action Plan?  There is no scientific justification for the argument that human CO2 emissions are causing global warming on the planet. There is more evidence that the planet warms and cools based on the action of the sun, not human generated CO2.  There is no need to spend staff time learning how to inventory CO2 and write a Climate Action Plan.  Both are a waste of tax dollars for a City that is broke. They need to focus on some real problems, like a declining economy and unfunded pension plans.

Hat Tip.  If your want to understand the real scope of Agenda 21, then read Behind the Green Screen – Agenda 21, by Rosa Koire.  It is available on Amazon, including a Kindle edition.


About Russ Steele
Freelance writer and climate change blogger. Russ spent twenty years in the Air Force as a navigator specializing in electronics warfare and digital systems. After his service he was employed for sixteen years as concept developer for TRW, an aerospace and automotive company, and then was CEO of a non-profit Internet provider for 18 months. Russ's articles have appeared in Comstock's Business, Capitol Journal, Trailer Life, Monitoring Times, and Idaho Magazine.

19 Responses to Nevada City Consenting to Phase III of CO2 Stupidity

  1. Arthur M. Day. says:

    I think you are living in what G. Rattray Taylor called a “vast open air madhouse” And the lunatics have seized control. Mr. Taylor was speaking of the Middle Ages when the crazy making religion was overdone Christianity. It’s just another illustration of the lack of mental evolution in Homo Sapiens. And just another milepost on the steeply Decining road to the Fall.

  2. gjrebane says:

    Never mind the overall evidence on greenhouse gases, and the effect their forced reduction will have on climate. America’s solo initiatives will only devastate our already sick economy, and have insignificant impact worldwide. Then even less will California’s continued delirium impact global warming. And to put a bow on it, the greenhouse gas emissions from the Sierra Nevada now are truly microscopic in the scheme of things, and their forced ‘reduction’ will only engage the mentally incompetent that can be led by self-serving outfits like SBC and Agenda21’s ICLEI’s. It is truly a disease.

    It is time to make the bigger connection. Nate Beason, call your office.

  3. D. King says:

    This is a good explanation of ICLEI.

    Good audio interview with Stacy Lynne. (A little dated)

  4. D. King says:

    Here is a video on ICLEI.
    There are many more.

  5. Dixon Cruickshank says:

    Based on where I think you are and the remoteness of it all – WTF are you worried about CO2 inventory in the wide open spaces? I thought everyone lived up there for the nice clean air? You act like your Bayonne NJ

  6. Arthur M. Day. says:

    Mr. Cruickshank: The Devout Democrats have mistaken personal mental pollution for air pollution. Given their mental climate, they see serious pollution everywhere they look.

  7. RL Crabb says:

    Most of the air pollution in Nevada County comes from Sacramento and the bay area, courtesy of the wind. For years we have failed in the fed’s air standards, until recently. The city’s are doing a better job of cleaning it up, and no doubt the recession has kept more vehicles off the road. The fires to the west of us this summer made doing anything outside virtually impossible.

    • D. King says:

      “For years we have failed in the fed’s air standards…”

      It is possible to change the standards, (ppm / ppb), so we always fail. I don’t trust them to keep the politics out of the science.

      • RL Crabb says:

        I’d agree with you, Dave, but if you’ve ever driven up Hiways 20 or 80 in the afternoon you can see the smog hanging over the hills.

    • D. King says:

      Agreed, it’s there!

  8. Dixon Cruickshank says:

    this has NOTHING to do with the ozone that comes up the hills – this is about CO2 nothing more nothing less and it doesn’t blow up there. This about counting the paltry amount of CO2 from the paltry and shrinking amount of business you have – which is even more ridiculous than worring about ozone from 100 miles away that you can’t control either. Talk about mental masterbastion jesus

    • RL Crabb says:

      Like you said, Dixie baby, you don’t live here and don’t know squat about our oxygen anyhow. If you have trouble finding it on a map try GPS.

      • RL, Dixie baby is right on this one. A CO2/Greenhouse gas inventory has NOTHING to do with reductions of peak ozone in Nevada County. Our fuel use could go to zero and the peak smog here won’t budge… our ozone peak is when the midday peak from the valley wafts into Nevada City by the early evening.

    • Dixon Cruickshank says:

      as with everything else your fee’s are much higher than ours but that is a pretty good waste of money – somebody had to think for quite awhile. I wonder if the cert is suitable for framing?

      RL you need to at least know what your argueing about, I expected better

      PS I know where you are I looked it up – its just left of google marker for BFE

      • RL Crabb says:

        Distinction duly noted. My original response was to your question: “I thought everyone lived up there for the nice clean air?” I was merely pointing out that our local air tends to get funky, contrary to your query. Perhaps if you had explained the difference without the mental masterbation zinger I would have been less inclined to reciprocate. Throw out a jerk off statement, get a jerk off response.

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