Prop 23 Update: Jobs Leaking Away – Flood to Follow

Russ Steele

Dave Roberts writing at CalWatchDog has the leakage details:

Leakage. It sounds like something dribbling from a broken beer stein. It’s also become a buzzword in the implementation of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, also known as AB 32.

The California Air Resources Board defines leakage in bureaucratese as “a reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases within the state that is offset by an increase in emissions of greenhouse gases outside the state.” In other words, some California businesses will be shutting down, downsizing or moving out of state in response to the legislation’s exorbitant costs and onerous regulations.

Leakage might be more accurately called “floodage.” California will have 262,000 fewer jobs in 2020 than if AB 32 had not been enacted, predicts a study by Andrew Chang & Company. The state could lose as many as 51,000 jobs due to refinery closures alone, warns a study by The Boston Consulting Group.

As a result, “AB 32 requires ARB to design measures to minimize leakage to the extent feasible,” according to CARB. So, at the same time that state government is bashing businesses with a bureaucratic sledgehammer, it’s offering carrots to entice them to stick around a while, if only to receive more cudgeling in the future.

You can read the whole article HERE.

Damn the leakage, CARB is moving full speed ahead with California’s quixotic effort to save the planet from global warming. [Emphasis added]

Here is that global warming CARB is saving us from:

Notice that scary decline which started about 2005.


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  1. gjrebane says:

    I see that the system changed during 2002, as it stopped the 10 to 11 year cycles shown in your regression plot.

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