Several readers have been asking me about the coming winter and fall. Some are interested in planning ahead, especially if it is going to be cold and snowy. Here is the latest from Joe Bastardi. Be sure to scroll down for the excellent graphics.

Real Science

Guest post by Joe Bastardi


This is precisely what I was bringing up in the heat of the summer when the AGW Drivellers were using the heat wave over the US, like they used the Russian summer of 2010, for their nonsensical ideas on the global temp

First came the August shot of cold.. which by itself was impressive but only 10 days long

September followed in with a 10-15 day cool period, meaning the month will turn out normal to below in the Ohio valley

Watch this:

August still a warm month because of the start and finish, but the cold in the middle was the first shot

September: the area of non warm grows,

Notice how the cooling is going into the areas so hot ( slightly east)

Now here is the latest forecast for the front 16 days of October because as we get into…

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