Blather I Tell You Blather, Just More Useless Blather

Russ Steele

I have been watching the 3rd debate and I am not impressed. My question is do the 23 million  unemployed who do not have a job, who can not feed their families, pay their house payments, and those about to lose their jobs,  do they really care about all this foreign policy blather,  crap they have no influence over and will not help them get a job?

Your thoughts?


About Russ Steele
Freelance writer and climate change blogger. Russ spent twenty years in the Air Force as a navigator specializing in electronics warfare and digital systems. After his service he was employed for sixteen years as concept developer for TRW, an aerospace and automotive company, and then was CEO of a non-profit Internet provider for 18 months. Russ's articles have appeared in Comstock's Business, Capitol Journal, Trailer Life, Monitoring Times, and Idaho Magazine.

9 Responses to Blather I Tell You Blather, Just More Useless Blather

  1. Oops, the marines still use bayonets and are trained in hand to hand combat. One has to wonder who knows more about the military, the O or the R? While aircraft carriers can drop bombs and subs launch missiles, wars are won by boots on the ground. It seem to me that the O does not understand that.

  2. Oh, no climate change was chucked under the table. Both agreed the third rail of politics, climate change, was not a subject for discussion.

  3. Well the news that sequester was not going to happen was not news after all. Obama, “it is not going to happen” Obama team is now back peddling, spinning I think the term is, “it is going to happen.” according to Obama’ s spinners. Obama == dude you can not get there if you do not know where there is.

  4. Arthur M. Day. says:

    Firstly, if B.O. really did give the Iranians a green light on their bomb efforts as the Swiss ambassador and the Iranian News Agency claims, and they fire an EMP missile from Venezuela or the Gulf of Mexico, the unemployment rate will be of no consequence.
    Secondly, the best we can hope for the economy in the event of the Devout Democrats election rigging failing and Mr. Romney prevailing is for the U. S. business world to take heart and unleash that flood of money they are holding and expand business and hire lots of deserving people. That will take some months and the Devil only knows what monkeywrenches B.O. will hurl into the recovery machinery during his remaining time in office. I can’t bring myself to call it his lame duck period, I appreciate all species of birds too much for that.

    • “if B.O. really did give the Iranians a green light on their bomb efforts as the Swiss ambassador and the Iranian News Agency claims”

      That is absolutely NOT what the Swiss ambassador and the Iranian News Agency claimed….go read the actual statements and coverage….you guys just lie..lie..lie.

  5. sean2829 says:

    Russ, I know you guys have just been through a pretty good gas price shock that was tied to maintenance and accidents at various refineries around the state. It looks like Valero is looking to exit the CA market rather than face the steep costs being mandated by CARB.

    In case the link doesn’t work here is the text from the article.

    Valero Energy Corp. VLO -0.20% is putting its two California oil refineries on the block, attempting to exit the state ahead of a ratcheting up of air-pollution regulations, people familiar with the matter said.

    San Antonio-based Valero has enlisted Citigroup Inc. C +1.48% to help find a buyer for the facilities, these people said, adding that the process is in the early stages.

    Valero, one of the largest refiners in the U.S., operates a 78,000-barrel-a-day refinery in Wilmington outside Los Angeles and a 132,000-barrel-a-day refinery in Benicia, in the San Francisco Bay area.

    Together the plants represent about 10% of the company’s U.S. refining capacity. A Valero spokesman declined to comment. A Citi spokesman also declined to comment.

    California in 2006 passed legislation that calls for air emissions to be cut to 1990 levels by the end of this decade, goals that Valero and other refiners have said will cost them hundreds of millions of dollars to meet. Even if the refiners reach those goals, the state is also pushing measures designed to cut demand for the refiners’ product—namely, petroleum-based fuels.

    Valero and rival Tesoro Corp. TSO -0.10% waged an unsuccessful fight to overturn the legislation in a November 2010 ballot initiative.

    “We think state policy…other fiscal policies, regulations, continue to adversely affect the economy” in California, Valero Chief Executive Bill Klesse said late last year at an investor meeting. “We’re looking at our options.”

    Sean Wise

    Sent from my iPad

    • Sean,

      Thanks for the heads up. I said that this could happen during the Prop 23 debate. I will elevate your comment to a post later this morning. Another example of companies fleeing the state.

  6. Barry Pruett says:

    As the presidential race comes to a close, the liberals will begin to scream and ridicule the non-believers of liberalism. This race is over. Romney will win by at least six points. Romney is at or over 50% in almost every poll. Obama acted like the challenger last night; Romney acted like an incumbent. They know the polls and they know where they are in the race. Obama needs to come from behind, but it is far too late.

  7. Administration note: Broadband is down for 24-48 hours until Comcast shows to find the problem. From my cellphone.

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