Pass it on Monday is Empty Chair Day

Russ Steele

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 Monday ~ Empty Chair Day

We own this country . . . Politicians are employees of ours . . . And when somebody does not do the job, we’ve got to let them go.”  –Clint Eastwood


Here are some more thoughts on the Empty Chair from the Temple of Mut, the empty chair has become a Tweet hashtag, followed by photo of an empty chair:

#InsertChair – Obama Now Identified as “Empty Seat” through Eastwood Magic

August 31, 2012 by mutnodjmet13

Dear Readers:  The ultra-liberal, ex-hippie Divine Mother left town today, so this afternoon was the first opportunity to savor some of the Alinksy-tactic goodness now being utilized by RomneyRyan2012.  I had only heard a few comments about Clint Eastwood’s speech last night — but the lefty derision and snark clued me in that Eastwood’s remarks had put a big Daisy-cutter into the heart various media narratives.

Eastwood did not receive Oscars for Unforgiven or Million Dollar Baby by being stupid about either messaging or imagery.  He had to know exactly how the teleprompter-in-front-of-empty-chair would be taken by the audience last night.  There is no political consultant out there who could have come-up with this brilliance.

Hockey Stick Whacking by Mark Steyn

Russ Steele

I have always been a Mark Steyn fan for years and listen to him when ever he is a Guest Host on Rush Limbaugh’s program on KNCO. He recently posted an article about Penn State cover ups, noting that the University was developing a pattern by covering up child molesters and climate change hockey stick makers. The hockey stick maker Michael Mann threatened to sue NRO and Mark over his article. Here is some of the fall out on Steyn’s blog: Stick it Where the Global Warming Don’t Shine

When last we heard from Michael Mann, his chest-thumping lawyer was bellowing, “I don’t bluff.” As Jonathan Adler writes today at the Volokh Conspiracy lawyers’ blog:

I think the folks at NR just called it.

Indeed. You can get the general line of NR’s response to Dr Mann from the headline:

Get Lost.

Watts Up With That calls it “the best Michael Mann headline evah“. But read the rest of Rich Lowry’s reply, too – especially the bits related to discovery, or, as Aussie Climate Madness calls it, “Mann’s risky path“. Red State also weighs in, and a sharp post by Powerline’s Steven Hayward concludes:

By the way, hasn’t Mann heard of the track record of people who haul Mark Steyn into court? It isn’t pretty.

Actually, I’ll bet Michael Mann had never heard of me when he blew his gasket, and I’ll wager his high-priced counsel never bothered doing two minutes of Googling. If they had, they’d have known that once they start this thing they’d better be prepared to go the distance.

For my part, although I’ve been dismissive of Mann’s “hockey stick” for over a decade, I’d never paid much attention to him personally. All I’d say is he seems strangely insecure for a person of such eminence. I wonder what he’ll be like on the witness stand. And I’ll be interested to see whether his page links to NR’s lawyer’s letter the way my page linked to his lawyer’s.

Hockey sticks akimbo, baby!

This is going to be some great reading, stay tuned.

Your Choices

On the Left                                                  On the Right

Things That Obama Thinks Someone Else Built

Reality Check – Not the Romney Family

Russ Steele

His Purpleness has posted this photo with the caption on his blog:

This is making the rounds on Facebook — the Romney family misspelling their name to read “Money.”

First, this is a Photoshop of a photo taken by Reuters photographer Brian Snyder at a Romney campaign rally in Elko, Nevada on Friday, Feb 3, 2012.

Second, this is not the Romney Family, it is the Fisher Family .

Here is the the original photo from the Christian Science Monitor, before it was photoshopped.

His Purpleness seem to be leaning to the blue side in the coming election.

Speaks Louder Than Words

H/T to Power Line Blog for the Cartoon.

Nevada City Declares State of Emergency (updated)

Russ Steele

This caught my eye on Drudge:

However it was not our Nevada City, just North Las Vegas.

Updated:(06-22-12, 20:33) 

Maybe our Nevada City is out of money: This is from the BOS Agenda:

Auditor-Controller: Marcia Salter
46. Resolution authorizing and directing the Treasurer of the County of Nevada to temporarily
transfer funds in the amount of $678,000 to the City of Nevada City to meet the obligations
incurred for operation and maintenance of the City through April 26, 2012. The 2012/13
property tax remittance to the City for December 2012 and April 2013 allocations will be
reduced by the Auditor-Controller in an amount equal to fifty percent of the authorized
temporary borrow amount. Such repayment shall be with an interest charge at the Treasurer’s
pooled interest rate plus 0.5% for an administrative charge.