NC Jobs

I have been tracking the Western Nevada County Non-Government Jobs in the Top 50 Employers as published in the Nevada County Business News since 2008.  I will post each new update here.


These jobs numbers are taken from the Nevada County Business News, which slipped an issue April, so the down ward trend is perhaps more dramatic, than if we has some April numbers. According to the Summer 2012 issue of the NCBN the top 50 business in NC list 195 jobs with the largest drop in Service/Leisure which dropped 99 jobs, followed by -49 in Retail/All Types and – 23 in Dealer/raw Materials The largest gain was +8 in Fram&Garden Supplies.  As the same time last year NC was up 85 jobs.

While this chart shows a down tick in jobs, the EDD unemployment rate is 9.7%  in June and it was 10.1% February.  The labor force in Feb was 51,250 and in June it was 51,150, down by 100 people in the labor force, with the number of unemployed at 4,960. The unemployment rate is misleading, as the unemployed percentage drops we all think that things are getting better and they are really getting worse as the loss of 195 jobs from February to June  indicates.

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