NC Tourism

I will  use this page to monitor the progress of local governments to attract tourist to Nevada County.  The major indicators will be the increase in visitors to the County Tourism site and jobs in the Food and Beverage Employment industry in Nevada County.

Here are the unique visitor stats through May of 2012:

As you can see through May there was an increase in visitors. I comparison my monthly unique visitors for May were 5,281. It appears the effort to increase visitor was small success. I will update the chart when the June numbers are posted.

Nevada County Business News Top Fifty:

There was a slight increase in the Food/Beverage/Lodging numbers from June, but Service/Leisure segment lost 99 jobs.  It is not clear that the County Tourism Webpage is have a significant impact. Stay Tuned.

One Response to NC Tourism

  1. Martin says:

    Those pushing Tourism as Nevada County’s solution to economic sustainability (Gawd I hate that word) are clueless. The future is in creation of new business and industry other than service based of which tourism is all about. The Idaho-Maryland Mine would be economic shot in the arm to being “sustainable” (Gawd I hate that word). And, a nice benefit derived from the mine opening would be drawing tourists to Nevada County to see a real working gold mine.

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